Highlands and Islands Charge

Really disappointed to find out that you guys put a charge on delivery to the Highlands and Islands.
I have been a user of Huel for a long time now and was going to order and send some to family living in The Highlands, however, your webpage said a small charge would be applied.
Having lived in the Highlands previously, I know of the frustration people north experience when this occurs, it’s certainly something MPs, from the area, are working to combat. It’s discrimination plain and simple. The UK is a small island, it takes less than 2 hours to travel from London to Inverness, yet you seem to think it’s a remote area. Poor.
I used to be very vocal in support of your product, this is something i no longer shall be doing until you sort this out.
Poor, very poor.

This isn’t Huel’s fault - the couriers all apply an additional charge for delivery to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. If I recall correctly, this charge is around a 50% surcharge relative to the cost of sending elsewhere on the mainland, and makes the price more comparable with sending packages to Northern Ireland. The price you get charged will still be being subsidised by Huel, but it’s not economically feasible for them to ship to the Highlands for free as they do elsewhere on the mainland. It’s just that all couriers charge more for it.


Lost credibility when I read this…


1 hour 45 minutes from London Gatwick, 1 hour 30 mins from London Luton.
The point is, there is no truly remote area of the UK. With transportation advancement, it doesn’t take long to travel anywhere in the UK. We are a small group of islands.
Companies like Huel should not encourage couriers who do charge extra, because not all of them do. Switch couriers. There are also companies who automatically stick on an extra charge even if the courier doesn’t as it’s been done for so long now.

I use a lot or couriers. I can’t think of one that doesn’t charge extra for a next day delivery. Hard pushed to think of one that doesn’t at all, apart from Royal Mail, and they only don’t because they are the UKs postal service.

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Sorry that this disappoints you. We would obviously love to scrap this charge but to get a box to the other end of the country costs a lot of money. We actually subsidise the cost massively and only charge £3 for up to 10kg of Huel, which I honestly don’t think is too bad.

It’s worth noting that we do not set the charge, and we certainly make no profit from it, it’s down to the courier and this is standard for most couriers. It’s a long way to Inverness and certainly doesn’t take 1hr 40 (we aren’t flying Huel up the country).


Sorry again, but this one is out of our hands.


I repeat, not all couriers add on the extra charge. Which proves the added charge is unnecessary and the fact that you tolerate a courier who does add on the charge shows you have no second thought regarding the issue. An issue which is a strong issue for those of us who have lived and do live in the Highlands.
As I said, the UK is a small country. There is no such thing as remote area in the UK. These extra charges were tolerated, but not any more.
Ill say no more on the issue. Just consider the discrimination this is to certain post codes.

From my experience the couriers who don’t charge extra for delivery to the Highlands are either extremely unreliable, or Royal Mail. Royal Mail are extremely expensive for large parcels, meaning the overall postage cost would go up if Huel were to use them, and you’d end out paying more.


Yeah the fact of the matter is that it costs more to get a parcel there, no matter what the company charges. It’s not just about distance either (although distance is certainly a factor), you have to think about economies of scale… in places like London a courier can deliver way more parcels in a shorter space of time because the delivery points are close together, as opposed to spending hours driving up a mountain to deliver one box