Next day delivery. Not

I’m really sick of this promise .Aberdeen or just outside
I’m 15 minutes from the oil capitol of Europe
1 mile from the main artery or go north and it’s impossible to get it next day .
I really don’t care less that it’s free really not the point .
Reference on how ridiculous it it
I ordered parts from DE Rosa for my bike from Italy yesterday morning at 11 am .
Arrived via TNT today .
It’s just not logical that it can’t make next day .I know it’s the holiday weekend but my order is arriving Wednesday .
This is my 3rd order .2nd for next day with the spend and again it’s 2 days .
I simply don’t get it
Rant over

Is it really worth worrying and ranting over a day?

If you know it takes 48 hours … order a day earlier, simples


Really .you really think I need help working it out .?
not the point in my post .its not whst they call it , simples really :roll_eyes:

Did you mean ‘not what they call it’?

Spelling is simples really :+1:


TNT are a very good courier that offer 1-3 business day shipping even to destinations like Algeria. However, they’re also extremely expensive relative to DPD and DX, and it wouldn’t be right to consider such an expensive option for a free shipping option.

Your actual issue here lies with the courier, not Huel. Whether rightly or wrongly, couriers in the UK class Aberdeen as the Highlands. What this means is they a) add on an extra business day for delivery, and b) charge about 70% more than other GB parcels for the delivery. I agree it’s silly, but that’s how they do things. It also means that your postage cost is likely being subsidised by more than people from other parts of the UK if you’re getting it for free, so it’s really not something you should complain about, even though it is frustrating.


Thanks for the input .
My issue is other companies can deliver next day , not just TNT .
SIS use DPD and as a premier Member i get unlimited next day delivery .Wiggle are free also over £50 .So I see it as not impossible .I absolutly agree the courier is to blame as they are being selective .
Many other sites who offer free next day and deliver in 2 , with the difference being those sites have the relevant info on their delivery pages with the postcodes that have the restriction .As for you saying it’s subsidised by others , give me the option of the cost difference I’ll happily pay it , I know not everyone wants to pay an extra few pounds for next day for me its no big deal .
You are correct the timescale lies with DPD 100% but I do believe it’s not that difficult for The Huel Team to have the relevant Information for customers .
I guess I just think the above 2 options are better than a customer having incorrect info .

Guys - unneccessary and abusive posts in this thread have been deleted (including the related ones). Please don’t speak to each other like that - the Huel forum is a happy place :slight_smile:

@Jaijai - I’m sorry that your order is longer than you’d like; maybe it’s a courier issue. if there’s something you’d like us to address on this, I can ask my Customer Service colleagues to look in.


As I said above if there are postcodes with restrictions it would be a good idea to have that information on the delivery page .
My delivery reached my local depot on Friday 30th ,
So on day 1 it gets 20 miles away and takes a further 2 days to get on a van for delivery .

Ordered Thurs 29th dispatched 29th
Local depot Fri 30th
Showing for Delivery Wed 4th

I’ll leave it there and let the customer services decide if that’s the service they pay DPD for .
I’ll know in the future to order 3 days in advance
Also leaving the post from the unhelpful smart arse about me being unable to spell , I would say like the delivery the moderation needs a little work too .

THANKYOU James :+1:

I appreciate your frustration with this one. However this seems correct (@Olivia_Huel please correct me if I’m wrong):

  • Ordered Thursday, order will be delivered next working day to UK mainland.
  • Bank Holiday Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Bank Holiday Monday
  • Tuesday - this is the next working day. UK mainland orders delivered
  • Wednesday - your order should be delivered.

I hope your order has been delivered. If you have any other delivery problems then I implore you to contact for a much faster response.

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Parcel moved on Friday Tim to 20 miles away .Don’t think it was a nationwide holiday.
I have had a conversation about it with CS .
And awaiting a reply .

My last order was late too. To be fair I think that’s the first time, but agreed it’s a bit annoying when next day is promised and next day doesn’t materialise. In my case, I suspect the courier as it was certianly dispatched on time.