Inverness IS on the mainland!

I love Huel - but every time I place an order, I get angry with the company because I am forced to pay an extra £3 for delivery to the Highlands of Scotland.

Royal Mail do not charge extra for delivery to this part of the UK - so why do you??

They use DPD so I guess they pass on whatever they charge. I had a look and DPD use the term ‘Highlands and Islands’ for a delivery area. I couldn’t get much further than that but you might have more luck or maybe ask DPD.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We know that Inverness is on the mainland, but DPD class Inverness as ‘out of area’ and charge more to have parcels sent there. However, the cost is much more than £3 but we contribute to everyone’s delivery charge to make it more cost effective for you. We want to lower or remove these rates completely, however, we don’t currently have the clout that other larger companies may have to do so. Over time we will continue to try and lower these costs though.

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DPD charge businesses £11.47 to ship to IV postcode. You’re getting a fantastic deal if you’re only being charged £3.00.


I use couriers a lot, and I ship to Scotland a lot…and it annoys the s4it out of me that it can cost me twice what I pay to send to Glasgow to send to Dunoon 35 miles away.

It’s true Royal Mail don’t make this charge, but unfortunately overnight couriers do. I know you can send it 3 days by Hermes for no extra charge, but next day delivery cranks up the price. I think the £3.00 you are paying is good value.