Hot and Savory Flavor suggestion

Hi, I have tried several hot and savory flavors and I like all of them.

But I am an ocean guy. I grew up eating heavy seafood.

It would be nice if you guys could make a version with some sort of seafood, seaweed, dried shrimp, fish, clams, crab, or something similar.

Seaweed and shrimp is probably an easy mix since a lot of that exists already. But any seafood would be good. Infuse it with some crayfish or lobster =D idk.

It would be the opposite of nice if the Huel guys made H&S out of the bodies of animals, but seaweed is a nice idea.


Seaweed is a fine base. But usually, that becomes miso soup rather than a full meal.
Besides seaweed, I can’t think of any other type of sea plant that substitutes for meat.

At the minimum, shrimp is necessary. If Huel made a seafood line, they’d attract so many customers.

Missed opportunity to self-declare as an ocean man.

No part of any type of animal is ever necessary for a human’s convenience meal. However, Huel have an excellent team bringing great flavours to Instant Meals including some traditionally non-vegan dishes, and I’ve had numerous vegan seafood dishes over the years, so am sure they could nail it!

If Huel started changing to become non-vegan, many customers including myself would leave.


I’d be right behind you. :dash:


I’d be in the departures lounge too.


On another note, friends of mine have said that Aldi supermarket now sells packets of sliced salmon (vegan). Having never eaten salmon that sounds quite repulsive but apparently it’s quite nice, even though I do eat other things occasionally like fake chicken/steak etc. For some reason fake seafood doesn’t really appeal to me.

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the challenge seems to have been creating good shelf stable options instead of frozen. Nestlé appeared to have cracked it a few years back with their Vuna product but I have literally never seen it in a store either here or in the UK.

Sounds like a rude street slang. Just Googled it and from Nestle’s own website it seemed like it was definitely about to launch a couple of years ago…and then nothing. Sounds a bit fishy.


Google deep dived into the Vuna :slight_smile: Nestlé pulled their plant based brands from the UK and Ireland last Spring.

Questioned on the rationale behind pulling the Garden Gourmet and Wunda products from the retail market, the Nestlé spokesperson replied: “The UK plant-based market is very crowded and competitive and the last two years have been particularly challenging.

“Launching a new brand is always a complex process, balancing risks with opportunities. Despite the investment we’ve put behind those new brands, we have learnt that establishing and scaling of new brands would require more investment over a longer period of time than originally anticipated.”

In case the others hadn’t made it clear, Huel is a vegan brand and we intend to stay that way. Even if we weren’t, seafood holds several categories in most popular allergens so it’s likely we’d avoid eliminating potential customers due to allergies.


Ah. Cool. Saved me having to do it. Yes it is a very competitive market and it’s been the big players like Nestlé who really only care about profit that have in part caused the oversaturation…

I personally don’t buy Nestle products, or P&G, Unilever, McDonalds, KFC and othere like that. And all of these have invested in getting $$$ from the vegan community. Many of them are withdrawing products from the UK. Veganuary is always a trigger for new stuff to be launched (like the Aldi salmon and other stuff they have introduced).

Unilever seems to be doing well with their vegetarian butcher brand as tat is all over the place.

phew! :laughing:

People are always going on about dolphin friendly tuna, but I"d like to try some tuna friendly tuna.

To me dolphin friendly tuna is just one of those greenwash terms that appeases the average customer who reads the label but doesn’t look any deeper than that with regards to the greater impact of tuna fishing on other marine species.

People have a strange disconnect from fish and their suffering. Why is it that men (& it’s always men) fishing beside a river are looked on by passers-by any differently than if they were holding nets and catching birds, either to kill them or just for their own amusement? Or baiting traps for mammals? Somehow ‘fishing’ is so much more accepted than ‘hunting’, ‘trapping’, or ‘shooting’.

There’s a peculiar nostalgic romance attached to the idea of ‘fishermen’, whilst we (mostly) abhor other perpetrators of deliberate animal cruelty.


Easy there :rofl: women anglers are very common and getting more popular, in the States, they account for 45% of registered anglers numbering almost 20 million. It less common in the EU – but still numbers as much as 35% in Scandinavian countries.

What happened here then with the new bars being non-GF?

Because fish can’t scream, they look less like humans than other animals, they are presented often in neatly packaged tins looking like mush, common social norms, and other unfortunate reasons. Agree it’s messed up, both the consumption and recreation angles.

Pretty sure the overwhelming majority of the planet would be vegan if they clearly saw, heard, smelt and felt the complete process of what happened to the defenseless being they are about to consume, each time they’re about to consume them.

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So you do it?

I really don’t think there is a market for dried fish meal pots but I’m wrong often enough.

I did think twice about asserting it’s a men-only thing… should’ve added the rider that it’s my own lifelong experience that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman with a fishing rod. Maybe I’m going to the wrong places.

I always felt comforted that at least women seemed intelligent and sensitive enough to realise the way it looks to be seen hooking fish out of the water without any shame or remorse. Ignorance is bliss! :fishing_pole_and_fish: