Hot and savory scoop Vs weight

Hi there

loving the hot and savory because I can take it to work and it looks like I’m eating rather than a shake

the first few I made were a bit sloppy but since been weighing out the 95g

Am I the only one finding the 95g weight is nearer 3 scoops rather than the 2 it says on the package?

does huel need to make the scoop bigger?

Hey Arden, that’s interesting. If anything I find the 2 scoops is slightly over 95g. What does your scoop look like? Does it look like this?

yep that’s looks the same

I’ve found a few posts on Reddit from others saying the same too

I gave the bag a good mix each time too so I’m pretty sure it’s not that I’m getting lighter stuff in the scoop

That’s a pretty hefty scoopful in my eyes. I just measured out a scoop of Madras (level scoop) and it was 51g. I emptied scoop and tried again and it was 57g; used same scoop; your scales must be broken :stuck_out_tongue:

Its why I weigh my Huel rather than go by scoops tho.

in that case I would have two broken scales