Hot and Savoury without the "Hot"

Say theoretically you were to just eat Hot and Savoury without adding water, would it still have the same nutritional value? :cowboy_hat_face:

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: It depends how you prepare it with boiling water as some people leave H&S uncovered which removes some vitamins in the steam coming off it. That being said prepared according to huels recommendations they should both have the same nutritional value. Although you would have to be crazy to eat huel without water.

Oooh interesting question, I imagine you are just asking out of academic interest rather than actually planning to do this :laughing: @Dan_Huel what do you think? Are some of the nutrients more bioavailable once dehydrated?

Theoretically - yes.

Realistically - you’re going to look like this eating it:



@Dan_Huel Tring NPD kitchens on a Monday morning?