Hot & Savoury Cup

Tried my first Hot & Savoury and it’s very nice, love the Madras.
But the cup is annoying I wanted one scoop which seemed to weigh around 40g.
But the cup needs some lines so you can judge how much water to add, as it is I feel you have to weigh it which is annoying.

Got one of the new shakers as well and this has the same issue, prefer the old ones because I know I like 400ml water to 50g Huel powder.

I guess it was one of the sacrifices they made for style over substance.

If you measure 400ml of water and add it after the 50g of powder and then see where the water line is from inside the shaker in relation to the letters on the Huel logo, you can use the letters in the future to know how much water to put in. I have 90g and 450ml of water which is between the E and the L.

I guess it would get confusing as the different flavours take up different volume in the cup to each other. you could also just use a small measuring jug to put the water in and tip it in if you dont have access to scales.

Could one perhaps use their eyes?

Yes I’ll measure 120ml of water with my eyes.
Or you know there could be 50ml or 25ml markings on the inside a bit like 99% of other such vessels.

How are you going to measure 120ml with 25ml and 50ml increments?

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Why are you being so I obtuse?
The same way I do with my older shaker I know it’s just above or below a certain marking.

Not everyone wants the standard amounts of liquid I like mine a lot more watered down.

Put a bit of tape or a penmark on the outside of the cup, put your finger on the mark whilst filling, fill up to where your finger is at.
Is how I do it, feeling is easier than sighting. Maybe a bit of give and/or take but that just makes it more fun.


That’s the filthiest post this forum has ever seen.


Measuring by eye isn’t difficult once you’ve done it a few times. I use 450ml of water in a shake and now never measure the water. I don’t even use the Huel letters for guidance, just the internal line. A few ml here or there won’t make any difference. If the OP likes it watery then even easier. Make it, if too thick ass more water

You are absolutely right and I apologise.
Whilst this does seem to me to be a silly and pointless post and I can’t really see why you can’t put the amount of water you want into a cup, I also do make an effort not to be one of the many many many users of forums and the internet that make arguments out of nothing.

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As Phil mentioned there are different water requirements depending on which Hot & Savoury you have.

There is an indent in the shaker to judge water amount, however I have made sure to share your feedback to our product team!

Took me a while to find that indent.
It’s not super easy to see, but once you know it’s there, it’s fine.

The H&S cups mark in the dishwasher. They get white scratch lines about a third of the way up.
Makes me worry I’m eating plastic.
Have others had this experience?
(And before the trolls jump on, yes I know I could hand wash it etc etc. I don’t need suggestions, just flagging an issue for the design team).

It is but like i said in my OP i dont have the full 400cal serving half of the time, and the main issue is the hot cup.