Hot & Savoury - what did I do wrong?

Hey everyone

Took delivery of my first Hot & Savoury packs yesterday and whilst I loved the flavour and texture (and found it super-filling), making it to the instructions I found some components still hard and crunchy when I ate them. I weighed it out into a bowl with scales, then added 210ml of boiling water from the kettle. Covered the bowl with a plate, then came back to it after 5 minutes. Do I need more water? To leave it longer? To shake the bag better before I weigh it out? All of the above?

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i find that i need to leave mine 7 or 8 mins for there to be no crunchy bits i also add a little bit more water then is suggested as i like it like soup.


Here’s what I do:

Add water.
After 3-4 minutes, stir it up because everything will have floated to the top.
After another 5 minutes, uncover and eat.

My guess is that the stuff that floats above the water level isn’t cooking properly, so stirring it back into the water helps.


My experience. I stir the dry ingredients in the bag then measure out two level scoops into the pot, cover with boiling water up to the line and stir. The contents sink below the line on stirring so I add more boiling water to bring it back to the line. Screw on the lid and wait. I found it too chewy after five mins so extended the next one to 7 mins then to 10 mins. Still chewy. (I only got the tomato & herb one).

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Don’t worry Samantha! We can sort this out! I’ve actually just dropped some ideas here which might help

Some other great advice from the Hueligans here too. Definitely make sure you’ve got a good even mix of everything in your scoops!

Same here!
Just as people said.
Add hot water, stir, 2-3min, stir, 5min, ingest XD

I love the Thai one!