How beta is new beta order tracking function?

After my subscription renewed on Monday (13.01), I noticed new order tracking fuction in my account:

I wonder how accurate that is, because it seems that my order “will be dispatched shortly” since Monday. I’m from Poland, and in 2019 I had zero problems with orders, but it seems we have new dispatchment center now and different courier - to make things work better or something. Well, in the past, today I would be receiving my order, not wondering if it was even sent. :stuck_out_tongue:
I know I could use mail/chat to ask, but for now I just want to know if this “will be dispatched shortly” info is even working and should I pay attention to it. Did it change its status for anyone else? What are other statuses, just “order dispatched” text or maybe gasp a tracking number?

For my last order it also said it would be dispatched shortly, even after I received notification from my courier that it would be arriving at such and such time that day. So my guess is that it is very beta :slight_smile:

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Eh, that doesn’t sound too promising, but at least now I know where I stand. Thanks!

We do apologise for any confusion caused here with the ’ will be dispatched shortly’ message, it shows in the account area once an order has processed.

You should also receive a text or email with information to when your delivery will arrive.

This is something we are of course looking to update and hopefully in the future we can include tracking information here.

If you still haven’t received your order or are having trouble with it at all, please get in touch on live chat, social or email and we’ll make sure to look into this for you.

Because I always hate when people don’t follow up on such posts, this is the conclusion:

  1. I finally received my order today, the note “will be dispatched shortly” has disapeared by now and was replaced by info about subscription renewal.
  2. I wanted to ask if this is accurate first because I didn’t want to clutter Huel e-mail with questions in case tracking is sufficient.
    But I did wrote an e-mail after Kaedius reply and I received the reply in eleven (!!!) minutes. I was pleasantly shocked, because people usually complain about slow replies.
  3. My order was unusually late because they ran out of apple cinnamon boost. And they eventually sent it without boost. A shame, because I was waiting to try it since December and now I have to wait till March because I order every two months. sigh (I don’t want to make a smaller order sooner because I care about discount.) I really hope I finally will get it in March. :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. I was afraid I won’t get an e-mail confirming that order was send because other Poles were complaining about not getting it anymore. But I did, with tracking number and all. Unfortunately, while UPS tracking was consistent all the way, DHL number changed when package crossed border. And became two numbers because the order was split into two boxes. Weird. But I did get text message&e-mail from DHL a day before delivery, so it’s fine by me.
    Tl;dr: Everything ended well, although previous orders went more smoothly. :clap: