How do you maintain or improve your shape/body?

Most of us work or study, in my case both.I go to work by bike and I do 15 push ups every day before going to work.

Huel is about health and convenience, but can anyone at Huel or at the forum recomend us 2-3 exercises to complete our minimum daily workout?

@Tim_Huel in case you know anyone that could recommend us something

The official huel workout table

I refill the coffee pot 7 times a day. It’s a big heavy one, so keeps me buff.


My dogs don’t care what I look like.


I enjoy swimming, so much so that at work I have dug a trench between my desk and the kitchenette and filled it with water. This allows me to keep up with my swimming everytime I make a cup of tea. To bring the tea back to my desk I place it on a float and nudge it with my forehead.

I’m not a total moron though as I have built a series of bridges over my moat so you don’t always have to swim. These come in handy when I have visitors who may not have remembered their goggles.


Oh Lordy, weekend humour. :smile:


Getting out of bed is my exercise in the morning, it’s such hard work that I have to lie down again to recover.


I just remembered. I do a little figure of eight dance so I always know where to find my Huel. Keeps me buzzing.

I’m confused by this. Could you please elaborate? Are you saying that by doing said dance the location of your Huel comes to you, like a message delivered by a unicorn?


Yes, something like that. If I didn’t do the dance I might lose my way to the Huel stash.


Confuses the hell out of the dogs.

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It’s confusing me so I thought I’d give it a try. What do you think? tenor


Erm… something like that only a bit more wing flapping, I mean arm flapping. It’s very invigorating you know.


Wtf thread


I think that is what we thought when we read the first post.


A quick sorta all round workout could be:

  • Pushups
  • Supermans (If you sit at a desk a lot, you should do back exercises like this)
  • Squats (no need weights, squeeze cheeks as you go up if you want to include your bum)
  • For Abs I literally do this routine: and so far I’ve gained significant ab muscles (I take a break in between though). It’s important to do the Supermans along with them though, to keep a balance between ab and back muscles.

None of this requires any equipment, just a blanket on the floor and enough space. Aim for 3 sets each and do repetitions depending on what you can do, don’t destroy yourself and run around with muscle soreness, but also don’t take the piss and make it too easy on yourself. I’d say take about 30 mins for this either daily or every 2nd day, if you reduce time and effort, results will obviously reduce as well. Workout in the morning before eating is hard at first, but your body gets used to it. It also helps with sleep at night apparently if you workout in the mornings (well, unless you almost knock yourself out and fall into bed super exhausted and half dead ^^).

Edit: Make sure you do the exercises correctly. I.e. watch a video about pushups, most people do them very wrong. Also work both directions for any exercise, i.e. when squatting go both down and up at a slowish pace, don’t like shoot up with force and then let gravity do the work on the way down. Rather do it right and do less repetitions, no one cares if you can do 30 fake pushups and it will not help your fitness either


Good morning Huelers, let’s get motivated with Mr Motivator,



I’m going swimming down the leisure centre this morning. Refreshing change from having my work colleagues stare at me. I don’t know whats wrong with them.


It’s the speedos…they’d get anyone staring.


I don’t get changed everytime I fetch a cup of tea. I mean, how silly would that be.