How do you tailor Huel to your needs?

We all have different lifestyles and genetics, so I’m curious how people are tailoring Huel to their specific nutritional needs.

For example, are runners adding more carbs to their Huel pre-run, or more salt post-run? Are bodybuilders adding more protein or anything else? Is anyone preparing their morning Huel differently from their afternoon Huel (adding caffeine or other changes)? Females and males have slightly different nutritional needs, so is anyone making any changes there? Anyone with an illness which requires them modifying Huel?

I’d love to hear how Huel is being customised. Not for taste, but to make it more personal.

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I eat Huel for 100% of my calories.

I add:

  • 5g of creapure creatine to Huel in the morning every day for mental and physical benefits.
  • 5g of inulin to Huel in the morning every day because Huel does not contain any FODMAPs and I believe they are beneficial.
  • one 1000μg methylcobalamin tablet every day in the morning with Huel because Huel only contains cyanocobalamin and I want to cover my bases.
  • one 125μg vitamin D3 tablet every day in the morning with Huel because Huel only contains vitamin D2, and there are enough proven benefits of both higher vitamin D intake than what is in Huel, and of vitamin D3 vs Vitamin D2.
  • one probiotic pill every day in the morning 10 minutes before eating Huel, because I believe probiotics are beneficial.
  • one 200mg caffeine pill every day at lunchtime with Huel for the neuroprotective effects of caffeine.
  • one 1000μg L-methylfolate pill every day in the morning because I developed folate deficiency while living on Huel, possibly due to Huel having a lower amount of folate than is necessary for me.

@rikefrejut - why do you feel FODMAPs are beneficial and which ones in particular?

I add Douwe Egbert freeze dried coffee granules, because they improve the flavour, and because they’re coffee.

EDIT: Sorry, that should read, “for the neuroprotective effects of caffeine”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t eat Huel for 100% of my calories but I do always get at least 2000 calories of Huel a day. Usually somewhere between 2100-2250 from Huel. I make up the rest with:

  • olive oil - adding a little over a teaspoon to a 3 scoop Huel shake because it’s easier to consume (denser, less voluminous than powder) and cheaper.
  • nuts and raisins that I snack on.
  • meals out at restaurants etc

I take a multi-vitamin pill with a probiotic, and 3g of creatine in the morning.

I have mainly looked into inulin because it has sufficient scientific focus and research around it.

The reason why I think inulin in particular is beneficial is because it keeps popping up on many websites (some credible, some not) showing at least some evidence in many different aspects of health. The production of SCFA (short chain fatty acids) through inulin is definitely something I am interested in.

We need to be careful when advocating too high FODMAPs as a whole; there may be benefits to inulin, but these benefits seem to be in the presence of inadequate intakes of other fibres. And don’t forget that inulin has a laxative effect.

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