How important is it to you that Huel products are Gluten-free?

How important is it to you that Huel products are Gluten-free?
  • It’s not important to me
  • I prefer it to be gluten-free, but don’t mind either way
  • It’s essential products are gluten-free

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It would be great if you could pop your thoughts below on why it’s important/not important to you. We’ve obviously just released Mac & Cheese which isn’t gluten-free and are keen to learn more as we know many of you were let down by this!

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I’m not affected by gluten, but I’ve answered on behalf of my partner who is, and would probably eat mac and cheeze if it were GF.

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I’m not fussed really but I answered prefer as it opens it up to a wider set of consumers who may not otherwise be able to use it.

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Gluten free is one of those really odd things – the percentages of the global population that are truly gluten allergic/intolerant remains steady and very small - but is hugely outpaced by the amount of people who self-identify as gluten intolerant or just eat gluten free foods for no apparent medical reason or benefit.


I’m not gluten intolerant.
However when I’ve been grain free (GF?) I’ve found I fell physically and mentally better by a long way

I’m not gluten intolerant.but understand others are (like my mother who is both gluten and dairy).
As long as it tastes good i’ll keep buying!

This is all really really useful guys. Thanks so much, keep 'em coming. We’re just trying to build a bit of a picture.

I haven’t been diagnosed as coeliac or gluten intolerant, but I have noticed that when I eat wheat based products I get very sleepy afterwards, and if I eat them long term and regularly I get really bad dark circles under my eyes. So I prefer to keep my wheat intake down as much as possible, but I do eat it in small quantities on occasion, although recently I’ve been almost 100% huel, and have to say I feel the best I’ve ever felt, mentally and physically, in my entire life. Thanks guys. I will be having the mac and cheese though, just ordered some as my son gave me a sample of his to try, and while I’ve never been the biggest fan of macaroni cheese, it makes a nice change. Sorry for long reply!

I voted for ‘Essential’ but I want to caveat it: I think it’s important that you have a gluten free option.

I’ve read that it’s not a good idea to cut out gluten if you don’t have problems with it (because your microbiome will eventually lose gluten-digesting bacteria, and then you WILL have a problem with it), but as there are people who can’t handle it, there should also be an option for them.

Same as you currently do with sucralose, really.

On the other hand, very few people do 100% Huel (afaik) so people can always eat a few slices of bread now and then. I suppose my biggest concern is that some people could stop eating gluten almost by accident, not knowing the risks. (I suspect the microbiome would shift back eventually, but not without a period of discomfort…)

(My understanding of the issues is mostly based on the book ‘Fibre Fueled’ by Will Bulsiewicz, which I highly recommend.)

Apologies for the wall of text, brevity is not my strong point.


I’m not gluten intolerant but I’d always vote to be more inclusive rather than less :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not affected by gluten.

It is important to me that there are GF options, but I don’t expect everything to be GF.

I was suffering really badly with stomach and bowel problems, I discovered huel and within days my symptoms were easing and I felt human again. After a short reintroduction phase I realised it was gluten that was causing it.

I’d love to try the Mac & Cheez but it’s not the end of the world that I can’t have it.

I would love for there to be a certified low FODMAP option within the range too.

You, my friend, are a good human being

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I guess thats probably the crux of the question - for instance, does there necessarily need to be a GF version of 3.0 when they also have GF options in the form of Black and Ready to Drink?.

In the oceans of nutritional advice out there on the web, especially on social media channels, I think there has to be more balanced and educational information on gluten, carbs etc.

You often see these being demonised in a blanket fashion that most likely leads to consumers going for GF when they absolutely don’t need to or shouldn’t. A cynic could say thats down to brands driving their own agenda so its good to see a discussion thread questioning that.

As someone with medically diagnosed Coeliac/Celiac Disease, it is essential that there are gluten free options for physical and mental health. If there are no gluten free options I can’t consume it, it’s as simple as that. A lot of times gluten free products disappear off the supermarket shelves because there’s not enough profit in it for the supermarkets and as a Coeliac you can’t just pick another brand off the shelf because more often than not the product that disappeared was your only option. Imagine going into a supermarket and being told you can’t have 90% of the products because they’ll make you physically ill. Or going to a restaurant and being told from the whole menu you have 2 options and usually the most boring ones. It’s not nice to be excluded, no one likes that feeling.


If it isn’t gluten free then I cannot consume it :slightly_frowning_face:

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yeah I’ll join in on this…

while it’s not essential/important to me…I think it opens it up to include everyone to enjoy the product. I personally don’t believe making it gluten free affects the overall taste so I would still go for it gluten free or not…but having it gluten free…makes it for everyone!

my 2 cents!

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I don’t have a need to buy gluten free but I do believe there should be an option for those that do.