How long average wait time?

Hey, put in my first order for Huel over the weekend but as yet haven’t received anything to say when it’s likely to be delivered and the account page just says unfulfilled.

I know it says a backlog over Christmas and that it should be back to next day delivery by this week, just wondering if there is still a backlog and how long likely it will take?

Can’t wait to get started :smile:

Hi, I also put my first order in over the weekend, I’ve just received an email stating that there is still a backlog and to expect it to take 2-4 days.

Hope this helps

Yea I received the same e-mail not long after I made this post but wasn’t able to get back on to update it.

Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling:

I was about to start a new thread on this as well. I placed an order for a sample on Friday and am still awaiting delivery.

Could somebody let me know when I should expect to receive this, I believe these are sent via Royal Mail?

I hope the weekend orders ship today. I am now totally out of Huel. So is my friend. Bad food day today then! :/smirk:

My money was taken on Monday and is still showing unfulfilled. Money should not be taken until an order can be fulfilled surely? Not a happy new customer.

Backlog is discussed here, in the FAQ:

It is Raymondical but it is also out of date, it says the backlog should be back to normal by 11th of January and back to one-day delivery.

Its now the 13th of January and those of us who ordered at the weekend are on our 3rd day being unfulfilled.

It is not surprising that some are wondering when theirs will turn up.

I got an email yesterday stating that the backlog was expected to be cleared and normal service resumed on the 18th and a 2-4 day wait time untill then; the faq needs updating to reflect this.

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I received a shipping notification about 45 minutes ago. For a sample pack to take just under week I feel is pretty poor especially the fact that my card was debited a few days ago. I can understand the bigger orders having a backlog. I didn’t hear back from my enquiry either but I only sent that last night. Shame really, I just hope that the product is good.

Received the sample this afternoon and demolished the whole packed. Very pleased with the taste and will be placing my first big order. I have been told that there is still a back log and orders are taking up to 4 working days to ship.

Got mine today also. Just had a try of 100g mixed with 500ml of water shaken and got a few lumps which didn’t taste great but on the whole it tastes ok. This is good though as i don’t feel the need to down it like most sweet drinks so it should last me a while so will give me a constant stream of energy.

Got a frosted shaker for my free one which was nice as i had requested it in the comment of my order so i appreciate that.

Touch wood this should last me long enough so the backlogs cleared by the time i need more! :slightly_smiling: