How long between Huel meals?


I was wondering what your experiences are about how much time you leave in between Huel meals?

Personally I like to just down the Huel in one go and move on, but I found that I literally start pooping out water if I do too much Huel too quickly. On the other hand if I don’t mix enough water into the Huel I get awful farts.

So yea… how long do yous recommend to wait for it to … go through? :smiley:

That doesn’t sound right :worried:

I have one bowel movement a day, with 2 or 3 Huel meals per day. Maybe @JamesCollier or @RebeccaOfficialHuel could give their input on this. It doesn’t sound right to me if what you’re saying is you have a movement with each Huel.

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I have a 90g/450ml Huel breakfast every weekday and have lunch about 3.5 hours later which is solid food. I’ll have another shake around 5:30pm before training at 7pm.

I wouldn’t be able to do back to back shakes as I would spend all day going for a number 1.

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My usual routine is 60g Huel granola with 100m plant milk for breakfast, then 4 hours-ish later 76g Huel powder/500ml water for lunch. Dinner is usually between 5-6pm, solid food which consists of a variety of veg and a couple of eggs or some other form of protein. I try not to eat after 7pm. I tend to go for a poo once a day, sometimes twice, but that is normal for me. Good fluid intake so plenty of pees during the day and usually have to get up for a pee during the night too.

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I just make up a Huel and pour it down the toilet. Cuts out all the messing about in between. Perhaps also accounts for my weightloss. I think everyone else is doing it wrong.



Is this continual, or only when you initially started to include Huel in your diet?

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That cracked me up :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Basically if I chain 2 shakes (75g / 450ml each) right after another chances are I get an additional waterish movement a few hours after.

Been doing Huel for 7 months and this happened only recently once I started making my shakes with more water each (75g/450ml) (masks the taste a bit more and is easier to down).

I’m currently experimenting with a 125g/450ml mix that I blend to make it a bit smoother than it otherwise would be, but tbh I’d prefer more water due to the taste and texture, and as soon as I’m out the house I won’t have the blender >.>

The amount of water you mix with Huel should make no difference to the consistency of your poo.

Curious. Now that I’m thinking about it, I left out some info. So when I’d have a 75g/450ml shake, then a 333ml soy milk + 100g peanut butter + 75g Huel + a little water shake and then another 75g/450ml shake is when it’s quite certain to happen. I’m lactose intolerant, therefore it’s soy milk, but apart from that I know of no other intolerances or allergies, so for me it seems to come down to the amount of liquid food per short time period.

I might simply run into the limit of how much water my gut can absorb in a given time frame. Hence I’m asking around to see how much how quickly other people can have.

I think I have a small bladder because if I have my usual 90g/450ml breakfast which finishes at 9am and then a cup of tea (normal cup size) before 10:30am I’ll spend well over an hour going for a slash. My urine is also clear if I do this.

I think you are consuming far too much liquid and food in too small a window.

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Surely if your slash is taking over an hour you must have a huge bladder…or a blockage…


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