Time between meals

How long does a Huel shake fill you up?

I’m struggling with this. I take my first shake (2 scoops) at 07.00 but at 11.00 I’m starving.

In the Netherlands 12.00 is mainly the time everyone goes to lunch and it’s kind of weird for me to do this at 11.00.

Also early lunch leads to early snack, early dinner etc…

You would think it would be easy to stretch this until 12.00 by adding another scoop in the morning. But that does not work for me. A 3 scoop shake is too big for me to finish all at once (I’m definitely not a sipper) also it has no effect. Hunger is still there at 11.00.

Therefore my question: how many time do you have between meals and how to stretch this?

I do find the Huel fills me up, but then I become suddenly hungry a few hours later.
5 hours is quite a long time to go without food first thing in the morning, after fasting all night, and only having a 300 calorie breakfast.

How about a snack about 11 to keep you going until lunch? In the UK we call this ‘elevensies’ :laughing:
And we commonly snack between breakfast and lunch, even if it’s only a biscuit with a cup of tea or a piece of fruit.

How about a piece of fruit and/or a handful of nuts?


Try 3 scoops? I have Huel at 6.30am then at around 1pm then at around 6pm all with 3 scoops and 450ml of water. In the day that’s enough for me but might be a bit hungry around 8pm so usually have a banana or maybe a tin of Tuna. Sometimes though it’s chocolate or biscuits, I call them my treats but can over do it with them, especially with chocolate hobnobs once I open the packet :joy:
Or as @ChristinaT says have some fruit mid morning, a glass of water can help lots too.

I eat a Huel bar (or even half a Huel bar) if I’m hungry in between meals. I also find that I’m hungry 4 hours after a 2-scoop Huel shake.

A bar is 250 kcal, and I find the bars satisfying in the same way as the shakes. My favourite flavour is Cocoa and Orange. Everybody laughs at me, but I cut my bars into 24 pieces for snacking :slightly_smiling_face:


When you put it like that… You’re right, 5 hours is a long time and Huel already fills me up way better than regular food. I don’t eat after 18.00 so that’s basically a 13 hour fast.

Hahaha, I like that. Maybe I can introduce people to elevensies at the office here.

3 scoops in the morning is way too much for me. I already feel so full after 2 scoops. I do use 3 scoops as lunch because by that time I’m really really hungry.

3 scoops in the morning is way too much for me. I already feel so full after 2 scoops. I do use 3 scoops as lunch because by that time I’m really really hungry.

I think 4 hours is the maximum time for a 2-scoop shake. I tried the bars before but didn’t like them. However, I have the v3 bars now and those are really good. These days I always have a bar in my bag and they make for an excellent snack.

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Also from The Netherlands :wink:
At different companies I’ve worked for, we’ve always had a coffee break around 10am.
That’s when I have a small snack or a bar, otherwise I’d feel hungry around 11am as well.
My breakfast is 4,5 scoop, so amount of scoops and how long they satisfy someone is
different for everyone and highly depends on your needs.

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4,5 scoops… but… how? :scream::dizzy_face:


171g + 650ml water :stuck_out_tongue: I’m on a ~3.000 kcal diet :wink:
So with 4 of those a day and a little snack I’m there :rofl:

So I’ve added an ‘elevensies’ these past days (at 10 actually but who cares) and can finally manage to make it to lunchtime at 12.

Fruit only does not really fill me up so I add some yoghurt and some seeds. I think it’s also a bit unrealistic to expect a 2-scoop Huel shake to fill me up for 5 hours.

It’s just that I hate having to think about food and snacks all day. I want to focus on other things in my life. That’s why I started Huel in the first place. I just want to drink a shake 3 times a day and be done with it. But if I want that I probably have to drink giant shakes like @ChrisH0402 :sweat_smile:


‘Tensies’ sounds perfect. In the UK we generally have lunch at 1pm, so eleven is our snack time or ‘tea-break’ for most.
If you lunch at 12, snacking at 10 sounds about right.

You might find, that after a few weeks of consuming Huel, your overall health will improve. Your digestion will become more efficient, and your blood sugar levels will stabilise. Huel has a great fibre profile and a nice low GI, meaning it is digested slowly and can help reverse any insulin resistance you may have, caused by a previously higher GI diet (sugar or quickly digested processed foods like bread / white rice etc).

You may find that you can go longer in between meals.
Or you might not! Like you said, 5 hours is quite a long time to go.
Out of interest, what did you do before for breakfast, snacks and lunch, before Huel?

Maybe once you’ve got into the habit of chucking your yoghurt into your bag for your snack, it will become easy and you won’t have to think about it

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Before I started using Huel my eating habits were horrible. I would skip a few meals and then overeat on the next one. I was completely addicted to popcorn. (not the healthy variant but the one full of butter and salt which you put in the microwave) I had no schedule at all.

I always started eating at a time when I was absolutely starving and therefore always made the quick and unhealthy choice.

With Huel I do have more structure and an easy way to fill me up with healthy stuff whenever I forget to eat and am suddenly starving. That’s why my bag always contains a Huel bar, a shaker and some powder.

I’m 30-weeks pregnant so I might be more hungry because of that. Also digestion is difficult sometimes as well as eating a big meal in one go. So it’s hard to tell what Huel does for my overall health. Basically everything is messed up inside now hahaha :rofl:

It is possible that I can drink a 3-scoop shake for breakfast and last 5-hours with this after I have this baby. But I don’t know yet. I think my food habits will change again then. But for now ‘tensies’ :laughing: are perfect indeed. Just have to make a habit out of it for now.

Oh wow! Congratulations!

Haha well I think you might just have to accept you’re gonna need to snack for a while !!
As the weeks go by and baby squashes your stomach you’re going to have even less room for a 3-scoop Huel lol.

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Hmmm… I dare you ! Do it :smiley:

Yup, that’s a big reason for me to have Huel.

Huel is probably (one of) the best to have when everything is messed up anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you ate a kid, you’ll always want more :rofl:


How much water are you mixing with your 2 scoops? It might be that because you’re having so much water it’s just filling you up from that. I have 3 scoops with ~450-500ml. Maybe reduce the water and the 3 scoops won’t seem so unmanageable. I would agree though that if Huel fills you up for 4-5 hours that’s not half bad!


I’m mixing 500ml water with 2 scoops. I can try the same amount of water with 3 scoops indeed. Because it’s mainly the volume that fills me up so maybe then I can manage 3 scoops. Thanks for the advice!

Right now 2 scoops fills me up for 4 hours exactly and I’m hoping 3 scoops will stretch this to 5 hours.

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yeah; what they said! ^^

I usually eat Huel Bars/granola as snacks between meals :slight_smile: I suppose you could also drink a 1-scoop+250ml (or less water) as a snack if you’re hungry, no one says you can’t split it up! :smiley:

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Well, Tim’s got a point there, water does fill up but not for as long as food.

Yup, I also go for a smaller shake as a snack more often than not.
Though, I have some bars to work through as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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For a typical 12 hour shift i start at 0700 and finish at 1930.
0600: 3 scoops + 2 scoops protein shake or 3 scoops with 1 bannana
1000: huel snack bar
1300: 3 scoops + flavouring uxually matcha
1730: Huel RTD or 3 scoops or soup
2015: meal at home

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