How long have you Hueled?


Ok, so a week in and I have nothing but good things to say. I dived straight in to replacing 2-3 main meals with a Huel shake, and despite expecting some kind of kick-back I haven’t had any negative side effects.

On the plus side I’ve dropped 3lbs, partly from more accurately managing my calorie intake and partly from training more effectively. It’s basically taken away the excuse I tend to give myself that I haven’t eaten correctly when I want to stop running or lifting!!

So my question is…when should I expect the honeymoon period to be over?? How long have you kept this up for?


Since March 2016…most days twice a day. Some one… Rarely none. Rarely more than 2 huel meals a day


Honeymoon period?! I’m still there, I still get a weird excited thrill when I open a new pouch. Been using Huel since I started working here in Jan 2016, usually at least once a day!


2 years plus probably. Huel accounts for on average half of my weekly calories. It’s part of my lifestyle now.


5 days… my first day I was unsure if I had done the correct thing and bought something I didn’t like.

Now the first couple of days are over I’m finding I’m actually looking forward to my Huel shakes and am now thinking that I will not have enough until pay day as I want to replace 2 main meals a day with Huel :joy:. I’m finding nothing but good things about my experience so far and of that continues will definitely be getting a bigger order next time!