How many hours after you shake does it go bad?

How many hours could i leave pre-shaked huel out on my desk at work before it looses potency? And how many hours before it goes bad?

Its my first time trying huel and clumping is most definitely an issue. Im thinking of mixing my next days worth the night before and carrying that in a 64oz canister

I’m not sure about the nutritional deterioration but I’ve found that at around 8 hours the taste starts to fade. I wouldn’t keep it any more than 24 hours but definitely you will be able to tell immediately if it has soured. You don’t need to let it stand long for the clumps in v3 to break up and be absorbed so perhaps you’d be better mixing your batch when you wake up rather than the night before.

I mixed my first shake about 30 min ago. Clumping has gone down drastically, but still there i think.

Its a very gritty texture and i partially feel like it might not break down further. Im able to get a crunch if get try chewing a “clump” with my front teeth… is this clump something specific?

It feels like a crunchy vegetable not fully blended before being packaged? Is this something purposely done to preserve fiber or something?

No - but some people have found v3 to be prone to clumping. ‘Grittiness’ definitely subsides over time as the powder is more fully absorbed by the liquid. Definitely If you continue having issues - using a blender could be the way forward for you.

Temperature is one of the main factors in preserving pre-made Huel. If your office is a warm environment, you may not get even half a day (12hrs) before the taste starts to turn. Again, not sure about denaturing of the nutritional profile.

I tried this years ago and after returning to my warm Huel, it was sour and I couldn’t bring myself to gulp any more down.

In the fridge, however, you’ll be good for at least 24hrs. Maybe more if it’s set to “arctic” :wink:

Personally, I’ve found v3.0 to be noticeably less clumpy and smoother than v2.3, but I know people have said the opposite. Leaving it to sit in the fridge practically eliminates clumps for me.

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Totally agree with @Zer0, the temperature is key.

48 hours bottom shelf of a really (really) cold fridge. Beyond that, just no.

In a warm office, no longer than 6-8 hours.

In a hot office, about 3 hours.

Shake that thing 'til you can shake it no more. Blender balls are a go-to for me.

Be well.


I’ve had it for 48 hours in the fridge and was ok. Last summer I had one in the boot of my car I forgot about for 24 hours and it was foul.

Yeah, this is a good point. I also swear by the metal whisk ball things that go in your shaker. Noticeable difference with smoothness.

Don’t tickle it, shake it like you mean it!

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I don’t even want to imagine this. I really do genuinely enjoy the taste, texture and feel of Vanilla v3.0, but when Huel is spoiled, boy do you know it…

I have found that turning the shaker upside down, (make sure the lid is screwed on properly,) give it a good shake upside down for about 30sec and I get no lumps now! I hope this helps someone. Coralie.

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Longest I’ve had it afterwards was two days and it was the same as normal. My process is this:

Every night I blend two 600ml flasks of Huel. Put them in the fridge overnight, then in the morning drink one for breakfast and put the other in my bag (when we’re not locked down) and go to work. I don’t put it in the fridge and work, just leave it in my bag, and it’s always tasted great. A few times I’ve left it on my desk where it sat un drunk and I had it the next day (so over 48 hours after blending). I just gave it a good shake first.

I haven’t had an issue with this 2.3/3 or Huel Black.

This makes me so anxious! What if the cap pops off?! Holding it the corect way up at least you can hold down the cap! Interesting technique though, I saw someone write this on one of our Facebook posts I think.

@samern interesting to hear that. We wouldn’t recommend leaving it 48 hours without any refrigeration, but sounds like yours was in the fridge for the first 7-10 hours whilst you slept?

Yup it’s in the fridge from about 8 at night until about 8 in the morning, so maybe up to 12 hours. Just happens once in a while, but I didn’t notice a difference in flavour, I just made sure I gave it a good shake.

I always shake mine upside down for some reason :woman_shrugging:t2: :laughing:
I do hold the cap with my finger however and I’ve never had any accidents. Well I had one mishap but that was because I forgot to screw the lid on so holding the cap was pretty pointless. I shook it upright and the whole lot launched into my face and hair :flushed: - maybe that’s why I now shake it upside down?! :rofl:

I shake mine alternately upside down and side to side. Always have. Agree with @ChristinaT whichever way you shake it has consequences if the lid isn’t on right :joy:

I’d be surprised if It’s ever taken me longer than 3 minutes from adding powder to my shaker to washing it out out after downing it. RTDs are demolished in 2 gulps.
Am I just a greedy Hueler?

Do they come with the free shakers or should I look on eBay for these shaker balls?

Ive only just started on huel but the couple of tester batches i have made i didnt need a shaker ball, the powder dissolves great

Add the water first then the powder and shake and shake or give it a quick shake and use a hand blender to whisk it all up… will help when adding frozen fruit

Thanks mate

I would highly recommend a mixer ball. They do such a great job of getting rid of the clumps. The free Huel shaker only has an ice shield which is not enough for a smooth shake. You can get a three-pack of mixer balls for £5 on Amazon.

Also recommended is to leave your Huel in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours before drinking. It completely changes the texture for the better! Don’t underestimate the difference it makes.

However, the most convenient way to prepare Huel is with a blender. Rather than using the big ones, I use this hand blender:

With both the mixer ball and the fridge tip, you shouldn’t need a blender. All the best :slight_smile: