How many meals per bag?

Hi I’m just looking into to order Huel, I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me roughly how many meals/shakes you get per bag?

Thanks in advance

1.72kg in the Berry flavour and recommendation is 125g x 4, or 100g x 5 meals per day.

If you use 3 scoops per shake you get 14 meals per bag.
This is approximate, as scoops can vary a bit. It’s a good idea to start with 2 scoop shakes (until your digestive system is used to it) which would give you about 21 meals .

Lots of people weigh it out. If you choose a 100g for a meal, then you’d get 17 meals out of a bag

We might but @ChrisH0402 has so much he only gets 1 meal out of a bag :wink:


I wonder if he tips it into a bucket or just pours the water straight into the bag.
His blender must be the size of a cement mixer.


That’s exactly what I use it for, still waiting for a Huel production facility near my house :rofl:
Thoroughly cleaning a cement mixer takes too much time.

On a side note, I’m having smaller shakes now as it’s easier to sip throughout the day now :grin:


Three cheers for Chris: Sip sip, all day. Sip sip all day. Sip Sip all day.

Dunno if that translates well to our Dutch friend.


Sure does, don’t worry about that :joy:
Only speak dutch at work and with a few of my friends/family.

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To clarify this:

1 pouch = 7,000 kcal.
You get 2 pouches in a basic starter order = 14,000 kcal

We say that 500kcal is a good meal size, and this = 14 meals per pouch.

Obviously you can have as much or as little as you like and you might find that 500kcal is too much.