How much do you spend on food a month?

I buy 1-2 powder v3 and 3 boxes of huel bars every two weeks. That’s over £200 a month.

I also order allplants £60 a week or week and a half depending how fast I eat 6 meals portioned for two. Sometimes I eat 800g sometimes I share with my mum.

That’s £240.

I also regularly buy milk, cheese, tinnef tuna, mackerel, azera coffee (500g tubs caff+decaf it’s fairly expensive), bread on Amazon Morrisons. I prefer the Amazon ordering experience. This costs roughly £50-90 as the coffee is fairly expensive but very good. Better than Caffe Nero and Costa even though it’s instant.

I probably spend a lot of money on premium food. But I don’t buy expensive electronics, branded clothing, gadgets or Netflix or expensive travel or a car or holidays.

If you add it all up £200+£240+£150=£590.

How much do you spend on food?

I do zero commuting to shops. Maybe a 5 minute walk to the local coop to get milk from time to time. But mostly Amazon. I spend less than 15 minutes preparing food every day. Huel and allplants is easy. I don’t count waiting for oven/microwave as preparing food taking time.

If you buy everything from a cheap supermarket and prepare your meals yourself and do not eat out you can cut that probably in half easily if you want to save money on groceries.

If you lack time you can usually prepare meals in advance. Cook for a couple of days and then refridgerate or freeze. Bring home-made sandwhiches or other food to work lunch and do not eat out. Opt for cheaper coffee as regular coffee is just as good I think.

Prices differ from supermarket to supermarket. The huel bars are fairly expensive price/kcal/day. Even the regular powders are quite expensive considering their price/2000 kcal/day compared to regular food made from the grocery store.
As Huel is advertised as a ready-to-eat meal which is much higher in price then their raw ingredients. It is basically a middle man.

I’m with you here, most of my hobbies and interests are free (plus videogames which I budget for). So I personally prefer to spend on nice food. I think we all have something we like to spend a bit extra on! My food bill changes drastically depending on what kind of month I’m having, sometimes it’s extremely low and sometimes stupidly high, but either way I don’t mind when it’s food.