How much Huel for me?

Hi everybody,

After reading testimonies about people having stressfull jobs not letting them any time to cook but beiing in the need of good meals fueling them for the day I decided to give it a go. I work in a very busy restaurant and my shifts usually don’t allow me to have decent meals. So I very often work with empty stomch that I fill with a piece of bread here, a scoop of mash there, a bit of mac n cheese etc…
I received my 100g sample this morning and had it blended with a banana for lunch. Let’s see how it goes tonight.
Here is my kind of shift: 4pm to close (around 2/3). I basically have the opportunity to eat something before going to work (this is when I want to have this Huel lunch) then I’ll eat what the chefs prepare for the whole staff around 6. Usually not very healthy. Then around 10 this is when the hunger strikes and the mac n cheese is not far ! And then after my shift I’m hungry as hell and I was wondering if a bit of Huel before bed would be ok ?
Now what is the dose I should have before going to work ? I am 1.80m for 72kg
I had the 100g with banana at 12.30, it is now 4pm and I think I already feel a bit hungry.

Sorry for the novel haha

Cheers !

I think you just need to experiment. Make up some bottles of Huel, and anything you don’t drink you can put in the fridge for the next day.

initially i’d try to have huel at set times and when hungry. For instance when I first started I would have it for breakfast and lunch and i could be totally ravenous by 4pm. So now I just have my third one when i feel up for it and if it means having another before dinner then all the better. As for having it before bed i think thats fine, in the trials that they ran they would give them 2 scoops before bed.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply guys !

Also, I read Huel contains lots of vitamines and I take everyday a mix of vitamin B, omega3 and vitamin D, vitamin C and milk thistle (supposed to help get rid of toxins in my liver), is it ok to keep taking them while having Huel ?