How much lectin does Huel contain?

I have come across recommendations to lower the lectin content in food.
What are the view from Huel on lectins?
What has Huel done to lower lectins?
What are the plans for future versions?

I guess that the ingredients of Huel are uncooked. That could leave some amounts of lectin.

It would be nice to have Lectin added to the Huel nutrition section along with a statement of safe levels, even for the gluten intolerant.

Hi there, thanks for the question. I’ve got a repsonse from James from previous conversations online regarding this:

Lectins are widely distributed in food items commonly consumed by humans, and have been for many centuries, therefore they don’t pose a significant risk to human health; reports regarding lectins and gut health are grossly exaggerated with little science to back them up. However, this is even less of a concern with Huel as the levels of lectins are low: the pea and brown rice proteins have been through a process. Oats aren’t high in lectins and the ultra-fine milling process means the lectins that are there are mostly broken down.

Hope this helps!