How much soy protein does Huel contain?

I read on the nutritions page that Huel protein comes from peas and brown rice, but how much, if any, is from soy beans? I don’t want to sound like I’m blindly following popular media scare mongering, but I’m still afraid of growing moobs by taking in too much phytoestrogens.

There is zero soy protein in Huel.


If you read the nutrition page, then you saw that soy was not listed in the ingredients. Right?


Here’s a very well-referenced article on the safety of soy:

In any case, as has already pointed out, there’s none in Huel :slight_smile:


Ric, I’m not happy to deduce simply from my inability to find something that therefore something doesn’t exist. In this case, I’d be more comfortable with a written confirmation that there isn’t any soy in Huel, which is what GulliverOfficialHuel kindly provided.

I’ve been told that soy is commonly used to enrich the protein content of things like ham and cured meats. I don’t know whether to believe that and I’m a bit confused. It’s good to know (for sure, not just because I couldn’t find it listed in the ingredients) that Huel definitely does not contain soy.

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It would be illegal for Huel to contain soy but not list it in the ingredients.

As such, the list of ingredients is written confirmation.

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Just for the record - the evidence that soy causes ‘moobs’ comes from anecdotes of people consuming vast quantities of it, so even if there were moderate amounts in Huel (which there aren’t) it wouldn’t be a cause for concern.

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