How should I Huel to achieve my goals?

I’ve been using Huel on and off for a year or so, but recently started to use it more as wife was commuting for a course and time became a premium whilst rushing around with kids and work.

Also, my weight has been drifting up and I need to stop this - have basically put back on all weight I lost previously and back up to basically 100kg.

Am currently using the Vanilla 2.3, which is agreeable and the only one I’ve ever tried. I have to blend it in a nutri-bullet as find when I shake it then it isn’t much fun to drink (or eat!).

My plan is to have 2 scoops for breakfast, 2 scoops for lunch (old style scoops as had them a while) on weekdays and couple that up with a ‘normal’ dinner. I have Hello Fresh meal delivery so generally eat a relatively balanced dinner with a couple of portions of veg.

Weekends will be 2 scoops for breakfast followed by what I want for the rest of the day - not in a ‘cheat day’ mentality, but just depending on what I am doing.

I try and workout 3 times a week, usually with a 45 minute Blaze class at David Lloyd gyms, or a spin class.

I note there are other new Huel products now - Black, Gluten free, etc - which one would be the best for me? And does my proposed diet sound doable? I appreciate it is a big calorie deficit but ok with that. There will be at least one week day where I don’t have it for lunch as have a study day and often on the road. Just need to get out of the habit of meal deals every single day from supermarkets!

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Also, does anyone have a good tracker for weight and measurements that they use? Ideally in an Excel spreadsheet?

Hello there is a guide here for the different powders and one here on fat loss.

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