How to make Black Huel more digestible?

Hello everyone

So I’ve been using Huel for 2 weeks, the Black Edition, and it gives me nausea, and sometimes acid reflux, regurgitation, or my stomach stops working all day.

My question is how can I make it more digestible?

I know it’s me because my other half tried it and he doesn’t have any issues with it.

I usually have one scoop in 350-400ml of water or vegan milk. But I noticed that it only seats me well when I have 1/8 or so of a serving. I’ve made these lollies so I have as dessert to add more protein and nutrients.

Anyways, I feel really sick with it the shakes. I was hoping my digestion would pick up but there’s something I cannot digest in it. I’m intolerant to linseeds but it doesn’t give any obvious symptoms, but testing said so. I’m ok with pea protein on its own and can have 40mg without any problems.

Overall, huel feels very very heavy. Like a rock in my stomach.

Oh and caffeine and green tea in an empty stomach makes me nauseous but they don’t interfere with my digestion.

It feels similar to eating tinned beans. I can only eat beans after sprouting and cooking.

It may be poor stomach acid, or low enzymes, or who knows what.

But are there Any tips on how to make it more digestible?

I already cut down the servings but that still does not help. Having only 1/8 of a serving doesn’t make sense. I was hoping to at least get to drink one scoop.

I already add my own raw cacao, or whatever to improve the flavour.

Ohh, and I do have a question. Are the grains cooked before being used in the powder?

Can we ferment it? If so,any ideas how do I go about fermenting it?

What about cooking, what are the possible nutritional losses of cooking it?

have you tried drinking the shake at a much more slower pace to see if that eases it?

there is a guide here on how they make Huel

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I usually sip through it, but I don’t chew. I’ll try chewing it slowly to see how that goes.

Hi Iva,

As you’re intolerant to flaxseeds and that is one of the main ingredients in the Huel powders I would advise not to consume them.

I understand but I was hoping the benefits would outweigh the possible harm since eating pure flaxseed doesn’t give me any obvious or noticeable reaction. So I was hoping the overall level of anti-inflammatory nutrients would still bring me benefits with the inflammation of eating flaxseed. And flax is meant to be good for endometriosis so it’d be a good way to get them in even though they may cause some sort of inflammation.

I used to have the worse digestive issues with huel for the first couple months. This was unfortunate, considering I bought 16 bags. Now, I can have as many as 5 servings per day without any issues. I think some people just take longer to adapt to Huel, but the body eventually figures it out. I make sure to space servings out by at least 2 hours, and dilute it with at least 9oz of water per scoop. I went all in at first, and wasn’t diluting it enough. I reduced it to 1 scoop per day for the first month, then 2, then 3. By 3, I could have as much as I wanted because I think my body adapted. I don’t eat Huel every day, but when I do, I usually have several servings (usually only eat at work), and I often have a little something either before or I’m between consuming huel (a muffin, banana, apple, anything.)

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Okay, I understand where you’re coming from. In terms of the amount of flaxseed in Huel products it’s Black Edition > v3.0 > RTD, which may help you out.

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I’ll give this a go. Slowly increasing dosage, as usually is advised for supplements actually.Thank you for sharing.

I got black edition vanilla, coffee, and UU, and also H&S which I haven’t tried yet. What is the RTD?

RTD stands for Ready-to-drink. It’s similar to the Huel Powders but they’re ready made.

What would be the difference?
It has less flaxseed?
I guess I could give it a try at Sainsbury’s before committing to the RTD.
It seems to be way to expensive to make it a regular drink.

Yes, it has less flaxseed.

It’s more convenient but it’s also more expensive. I’m just trying to give you all the options.

Thank you Dan. I get it.
Not sure I’d feel comfortable spending more and creating more waste.
I’ll try the slow approach that Daniel suggests and see if that works out. I hope it does. I did take a long time researching and I resonate with Huel. So it’d be a petty to not be able to have it.

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Heya…I’ve been doing as you suggested and it works really well. I’m still on just one scoop a day in 800ml water. It doesn’t make me nauseous or anything.
Thank you so much for sharing :slightly_smiling_face::blush:

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