How to tell when referrer reward expires?


I see under the terms and conditions of the refer a friend scheme that is says this:

  • Rewards will be valid for 3 months from the date earned by the referrer.

I can’t see on my referrals page the date the various referrals were earned - is there a way to do this in order to figure out when they expire? Don’t want to miss out on using them!


The best way to do this is find the email you were sent when your referred friend purchased Huel. Customers can’t look for an expiry date themselves, however we can for you - sorry about that.

Let us know if you can’t find the email and we can dig the information out for you. But taken the suggestion on board too.

I noticed you can see the expiry date if you open the mail on the phone, but I can’t see it on the desktop site.

Worst case could you just look at the date you received the email? Then just add on 3 months?

Yes that also works. I only noticed that the mobile site does show for example “Expiry Date: 12/26/19” and the desktop site doesn’t. So there is a difference.