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I’m on my second day on Huel and everything is going fine. I have a few friends who want to try the referral program, but it doesn’t work. When I click on the link i only get:

“Sorry, this offer is no longer available. Our referral offers are available for a limited time period only and this one has expired. Click the button to continue to Huel.”

I got my first delivery yesterday and my referal program has already expired?! I really hope that someting is bugging with the link, 'cause it kinda feels like some kind of scam or something if you can’t try the product for ONE day before the referral program expire.

Thanks in advance.

Hey! That doesn’t happen to me so it could be a glitch; perhaps email I’m sure they’ll help you fix it :slight_smile:

Thank you @jeffy89! I have sent them an e-mail! I’ve been talking about the referral program, so I hope there is one… :roll_eyes:

It used to be the case that this was dead simple.

There was a way to get a referral link but, better still, there is (was?) a referral text box when a new person was making their first order, and if they just entered your name in there, they get £5 off their first order, and you get £5 off your next order.

I’m sure Tim will confirm for us whether or not this is still the case. I’d be surprised if it’s been removed as it was both powerful and simple.

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Thanks for the reply @Lighteater. Yeah, it sounds like it used to be just as simple as one could expect, from a referral program. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I hope this will get sorted soon since I have four potential customers, waiting for the discount that I promised them.

This is definitely the best way to use the Referral Program, and doing so really shows how great the Referral Program can be, no need for generating codes or any of that rubbish. I really think that the only time you need to use the code is if your name is not unique to our system.

There could be a problem also with international referrals which unfortunately still don’t work :frowning: However in your case we’re just waiting for an answer to the question:

“Could you please advise if your friends are receiving this message when they click on your referral link?” - so if you could respond to the CS team (not on the forum!) about this it would be wonderful and they will get this sorted!

Try my link

The referrals definitely still work in the UK at least. I referred someone on Tuesday and got my voucher through the next day when she received her order!

Here’s mine:

LOL while we’re at it here’s mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets share a code or coupon for Huel!
Código de descuento Huel

Picked your code at random and it worked for me - do you get anything out of that?


Hm I don’t seem to have, did you get the £10 off when ordering though? Hope you did! Thanks nonetheless :smiley:

I did yeah!

Hello @Tim_Huel I have 4 referral codes or discounts available to get, but I normally do some bulk purchases and I am afraid I cant use all them before they expire.

Is there any solution to mix all the codes into one?


Hey Adrian, I don’t believe these codes can be stacked. Sorry for that. However it’s worth emailing the customer experience team about these sorts of things just in case something’s changed :blush:

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