Referral Code Expiry Dates

Does anyone know where in your Huel account/Mention Me account the expiry date your referral codes are?

When I click the “Receive reward by email” button I get an email through that just says valid for 3 months, then when I click the link the same thing “Valid for 3 months”, however, when I started a web chat with support they advised me the specific code I’m looking at expires in 2 weeks!?!

That’s quite misleading and surely a mistake/oversight when setting up this feature.

I know this is a “reward” but it is a big incentive for some to keep recruiting people into the brand. I feel like I shouldn’t miss out on the reward I’ve earned just because I was misinformed on the expiry date when asking for the code to be emailed again.

Say the new recruit just orders 2 bags of v3.0 every 6 weeks, that’s worth c£400 a year so we’re definitely earning our reward when we successfully bring people in.

Chris! Thanks for the message, I’ve asked one of the team to get back to you. Apologies for the delay to this. @Charlotte_Huel will get back to you as soon as she can. Have a great weekend :blush:

I completely understand that this email was misleading, and we do apologize.

The discount code should give you 3 months from the day your referral used your code.

However, as this isn’t the case here if you reach out to our team on or drop us a DM on our social pages and we can ensure your code lasts you for 3 months.

Hi Charlotte,
It is not about the expiry date of a specific code, it is about reliably presenting loyal brand ambassadors with the correct information.
At present your mention me/email client mis informs regarding expiry dates.
Please fix the issue