How to use up your chocolate Huel Black if you don’t like it

Tis a simple solution - One scoop original vanilla, one scoop black chocolate - much more palatable

The story
At the start of the year I tried Original Vanilla Huel and decided that Huel was for me

When it came to create a subscription, I opted to go for Huel Black in Vanilla and Chocolate bc protein

I personally was disappointed with them both compared to the original, but I found the chocolate in particular to be just awful

I used the vanilla first but was left with a bag of chocolate that I didn’t want to taste

I’ve found that mixing it half and half with original vanilla Huel is an ideal solution to use it up

I’m now moving back to original Huel (+ protein powder)

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Definitely agree that Black chocolate goes much better when you balance out with Original

That’s what I do with any Huel that I don’t like, just mix it with another to make it more palatable. I found choc mint far too strong on the mint for example. mix it up with choc and it’s far easier :slight_smile: