Huel 100%: 1 Week Challenge

Hi, I stated on 100% Huel yesterday. I had 5 servings yesterday and 4 so far today. I’m doing 2500 calories/day. Just Huel and water. Hoping to gain a little or at least stay where I’m at weight wise. I was at 165 lbs yesterday. I’m 6’1” so wouldn’t mind weighing closer to 180 lbs.
I’m also hoping that my skin improves. I have sensitivities to lots of foods causing rashes and Rosacia on my face.
So far it’s been easy. No stomach issues. I like the taste, both the vanilla and the unflavored. I even prefer it to be a little bit lumpy. :slight_smile:

Day 3

Lowkey sad Tim&Team don’t see my posts HAHAHAH ok I’m probably just pmsing ignore me
nOTICE ME SENPAI :joy::sob:

ANYWAY. How are you girls getting on! @DaisyFlowers23 @annacountrybell

Daily Update
Weight: 58.6kg I want to say yay but I also don’t want to jinx it. I’m glad I stuck to plan and didn’t binge despite my weight jumping to 59.8kg just last week tho

Huel Intake: (1383kcal)

  • 112g Huel, 5g coffee
  • 56g Huel, 5g PB2
  • 60g Huel berry granola so this happened…yes I topped my Huel with Huel granola hehehehe does it count as cheating or is it still 100% Huel? :stuck_out_tongue: + 60ml almond milk
  • 112g CoffeeHuel, 3g ChocFS

Huel Granola Review:

  • I really like it! I think people who don’t mostly don’t because their conception of granola is “sugary oaty crunchy clusters” which I LOVE and can’t stop eating when I start.
  • And so I’m glad that this gives me crunch + picking and grazing BUT it’s so easy to stop since it isn’t addictive like sugary granola.
  • My mouth got SO DRY when eating this which would make sense, since it doesn’t have water like Huel Powder.
  • I downed it awfully quickly haha half the Huel and 30g powder in 10min; was so good and amazing to have some crunch! Will definitely buy again!
  • Taste: Not very sweet, a tinge of salty.
  • Texture: Little crunchy balls, a bit like the Layenberger protein cereal (so I’m already very familiar with it)

Exercise: 1h Ultimate Frisbee (but it doesn’t really count because I strained my hamstring 2min in :frowning: )


  • Was not looking forward to Huel, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because it doesn’t give me the same excitement I’m used to food giving me. The variation, the process of making, opening packets, the barrage of choices… I guess Huel really is Human Fuel.
  • Mentally, having the option to eat both granola and Huel is amazing!

Other observations:

  • Sleep: It was so restful! Whoa.
  • Feeling really bloated…not sure if PMS or Huel :thinking:
  • It’s quite effortless to not really crave food after my Huel haha it’s been more than an hour and I haven’t noticed it. I mean, mindlessly snacking on sweets isn’t an option anyways so.
  • Weight Loss: For the first time, I actually believe I have a shot at doing this right. Am I scared? Hell yes. I’m scared that I’m an exception, that my body does actually break physics, that I simply can’t lose weight. But I won’t know til I try. And for the first time, I feel pretty emotion-neutral towards the number on the scale. I’m seeing it as data. I try to see the trend. I don’t place as much emphasis on daily fluctuations to determine my self worth or intake for that day. I understand that consistency is key.
  • Learning how to eat healthily and to suit your needs is something no one can EVER take from you.
  • Huel 100% is the most unscientific experiment ever :stuck_out_tongue: Not in a bad way, but so many variables are unconsciously changed (which is actually really great because then it doesn’t sound like so many daunting “rules”. Imagine if we were to try to stuck to the list below with regular food prep!)
  1. Vegan
  2. Gluten-free
  3. High fibre
  4. 40-30-30 macro split
  5. Controlled calories and portions + IF for me
  6. Eating every 3 hours
  7. Liquid diet
  8. No sugar, but sweetener
  9. Counting macros
  10. Having 1 snack
  • I haven’t had issues with hunger at all nor cravings for other food, but I must say I haven’t been very energetic.
  • 1.30am: Started getting hungry, found myself scrolling through food on IG

@Tzinsli HELLO!! Glad you’re doing well and great to have you on board with us! :slight_smile: I really like the lumps too HAHA sometimes I get sad when I shake it too well xD Keep us posted!

Day 2
Woke up with so much energy, it was like I was on a massive sugar high! Weighed myself this morning, 6lbs down since last Monday! And that is with a weekend of drinking and BBQ, although lots of hiking so it obviously balanced out!

Had a meeting with a cake company this morning, they gave me a whole box of cakes :tired_face:, yesterday’s meeting I was given a box of doughnuts and sweet pastries, I couldn’t even bring myself to smell them :worried:

Huel so far today:

  • 2 scoops with a banana and cocoa
  • Just started my lunchtime 3 scoop with berries.

Confession: I may have eaten 4 blueberries this morning that my daughter didn’t want… Does that count as cheating? I’d blend them into my Huel on other occasions… It did feel really good to chew! :roll_eyes:

How is everyone finding having every meal sweet? I find myself craving just like plain bread, or some miso soup…

@Tzinsli my skin has really improved since increasing my Huel intake 3 weeks ago, so soft! I guess it’s like having a multivitamin at every meal.

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@jeffy89 Granola can’t possibly count as cheating, it’s Huel! Also, you don’t have to think of it as cheating, because while I appreciate you want to do a whole week with only Huel, if you actually fancy a nibble of something else it would suck to beat yourself up about it.

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Tomorrow evening will be my 1st week of 100% huel
Dental surgery helped me choose my start date !

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@annacountrybell wow 6lbs? that’s amazing! Glad to hear you’re feeling energetic, I’m hoping that comes soon for me xD But then again I HAD been eating way too many sweets before starting so that’s probably why. Oh myyyyyyyy kudos for your willpower! That must’ve been absolute torture :open_mouth:

HAHA ah well I mean we blend things into Huel anyway xD like my PB2…I took a taste before shaking it with Huel but whatever we’re still 98% Huel :smiley: Yeah, I quite craved a texture change from Huel: my Huel granola arrived in the mail today and it may have just solved all my problems (I’m just gonna count it as part of Huel 100% LOL)! Have you tried it too?

Ugh yes I was craving roasted veggies so bad yesterday it was insane. But somehow it’s a lot easier today :smiley: It’ll actually be interesting to see & document what we crave (psychologically, since it’s nutritionally complete ) while having 100% Huel haha

Day 4

Sleep was great again! Huel miracles.
In other news, my Camelbak finally arrived!!! And so I was able to take it with me to study in a cafe YAY.

Weight: 58.8kg

Huel Intake: (1358kcal)

  • 1/2 PB2 Huel w added water + 60g Huel granola
  • 112g CoffeeHuel, Jordan’s SF Syrup idk it didn’t taste bad but didn’t taste good either…perhaps I gotta get the proportions right?
  • 112g Huel, PB Flavdrops I liked this! Didn’t taste overly peanutty, but didn’t taste artificial as I expected it to


  • Friends asked if I was getting food when we ate together in the market square, I explained I was doing a smoothie challenge for a week and seeing if I sleep better. Was a bit odd but it worked I guess xD
  • Not as challenging as it was on Day 2, and Huel granola has worked wonders for my psyche too.
  • Friend: LOL I think my Friend may be slightly concerned…at least his facial expression seemed to express it, because I’ve consistently not eaten at least 5 times I’ve been out with the same bunch in the last 2 weeks (Gardies x2, Aromi x1, Market Sq x2, then rejected Mee&I just now…) and he was like “you’re going back to eat in college later right?”

Other observations:

  • 6pm: I’ve been sipping my afternoon Huel, and I’m SO FULL omg. Thirsty? Water. Hungry? Huel. Doesn’t get much more complex than that.
  • Still kinda brain fogging but I don’t know if it’s the Huel, especially since it helps me get such good rest! Or is it just making me exhausted…?
  • Being satiated: I was walking around Sains and didn’t feel inclined to buy anything. Went to my guy’s room where he offered me pizza and chocolate and I honestly didn’t feel the urge to eat it haha love it when no self control is required.
  • Have been so full I honestly can’t believe I’ve had less than 1400kcal.
  • (TMI) Bowel Movements: I’ve had half a mind to write this under “challenges”. Because holy shitpile, that was exactly what it was. Just spent half an hour in pain and struggling in the toilet…that was not fun.

@DaisyFlowers23 @annacountrybell @Tzinsli @Dln1965 how are you guys coming along? :slight_smile:

I’m doing great so far! Finished off about a bag and 1/2 so far in just 4 days. 5500 calories per day. I’m now doing 4 drinks a day, 4 scoops per drink. No wt loss or gain. Hoping to gain a bit.
Already my skin is less blotchy. Sleeping great but that’s never really been an issue. I’d like to go running to test my energy levels but it’s 103 degrees Fahrenheit here in Arizona right now. 39.4 Celsius
I haven’t really been drinking any extra water other than what I use to mix the Huel. Already that’s more than I’m use to drinking.
Bathroom… no problem, it’s kind of been coming out looking the same as it does going in. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Lol

Keep up the great work
As for me … all good :+1:
Weigh in after my shower very shortly …
100% huel for a week :+1:
Plus gym and cycling … should be doing me good?
However I really wanted a salted caramel cookie last night … so I bought a pack for the family and because of dental surgery, I could only smell the bag ! Mmmmmmm

5500 cal per day ???

How much cardio do you do to burn that off ??

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Day 5

Going strong! The idea of eating Huel for every meal is appealing, and almost seems like it could be possible in the long run! I can see how people manage to do this.

Weight: 58.3kg

Huel Intake: (1504kcal) yeah, I didnt stick to 1350-1450 today but well what can you do; I will tomorrow!

  • 112g Huel, 5g PB2 + ChocFS couldnt really taste the PB2
  • 25g Huel granola
  • 1/2 (112g Huel, 10 Toffee Flavdrops) not bad! not a very strong toffee taste but tastes nice.
  • 50g Huel granola
  • 112g Huel, MatchaFS really like this!
  • 15g Huel granola


  • Curiosity from friends: Went to lunch with friends again in the market square, brought Huel in a thermos and just had to justify my eating it with a spoon :joy: I mean I could’ve drunk it but I much enjoy it with a spoon. Oh and a brief “she’s eating baby food!” comment LOL but tbh I ain’t fussed and people probably don’t care much either. I mean my Friend only ate a tiny Bao so.
  • I had a brief moment wherein I just wanted to keep snacking on Huel Granola haha. So today’s calories are probably gonna be a bit higher but ehh.
  • Getting a bit stressed with work, had a slight near-binge on Huel granola.
  • Desiring food: My Brother made brownies and gave me one…and I lowkey really want to eat it. But the good thing about Huel is that it helps make cravings bearable, just no more than a slight niggling thought rather than an overwhelming shove.


  • Still very exhausted! I’m sleeping well, but not waking up refreshed :confused: My muscles feel physically tired lol what’s happening?

Day 3 I went off track :flushed: I was off work and spent the day with my daughter. I had breakfast and lunch Huel, even sat through breakfast in a cafe with a friend and her daughter and watch everyone eat croissants and bacon and eggs, fine. Had a picnic at lunchtime with my daughter, fine although I supplemented my Huel with a few strawberries because I wanted to chew. Then my daughter played up all afternoon and I lost my temper so many times, I also then lost my will power and ate dinner with the family, salad and a burger, nothing too unhealthy! However cue bedtime, my stomach is making the loudest gurgles, turns out my body really did not like normal food again, actually thought I’d maybe picked up a stomach bug I was so ill!

So, day 4. Halfway through my second Huel of the day, I’ve had to nibble a a couple of new products at work (genuine reason for eating chips and naan bread :joy:) but I plan to stay 100% Huel today and tomorrow.

Maybe going forward it will be something I do on work days since I’m too busy to eat properly, but when I’m off I can have a few ‘normal’ meals.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how much I’m craving salt! I don’t eat crisps or over salt food normally, but the lack of savoury in my diet is nothing me more than only having liquid. I’ve had an occasional mug of vegetable bouillon which helps, or an instant miso. Has anyone tried a green smoothie with Huel?

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Sorry my mistake… only 2500 calories per day!
I’m really not exercising at all right now

2500 cal is quite a bit
Especially if your not excercising

Double check the daily calories needed via google … you may find it’s less than you think !

Day 6

Wow, is it really already Day 6? That didn’t seem too hard…

Weight: 58.7kg

Huel Intake: (1391kcal)

  • 1/2 of 112g NewHuel, 10g PB2 could barely taste the PB2, waste of calories
  • 112g Huel, MochaFS oh my this is SO GOOD!!! It may just tie with my ChocolateFS love
  • 1/2 of Huel, Toffee Flavdrops note to self: do not leave Huel overtwonights because IT STARTS TO SPOIL
  • 100g Huel granola

Exercise: Cycling & 1h Hip Hop


  • So my period came today and I’d normally go on a chocolate or sweet or cookie raid…but instead I just kept snacking on Huel granola. Is it bad that I reaaaally like Huel granola? I wonder what sweetener they use.

Other observations:

  • Sleep was great!! Didn’t have any trouble falling asleep (didn’t even have to try), nor did I have troubles staying asleep
  • Oh MYyyYYYyYYY MOCHA FLAVOUR SYSTEM IS THE BOMB!!! Perfect balance of chocolate with a robust coffee undertone :’) Gotta get me some more of that! Am now sad that my first flavour pack didn’t have mocha and gave me 2 pineapple instead -_-
  • Very gassy

@DaisyFlowers23 @annacountrybell @Tzinsli @Dln1965 how are you guys doing! :slight_smile:

Day 7

If you’re still with me, we’ve made it to Day 7! :tada::tada::tada:

Weight: 58.2-4kg

Huel Intake: (1390kcal)

  • 112g NewHuel, 450ml almond milk this had…a very thick, creamy and luxurious mouthfeel. It was yummy, but I’m perfectly content using water :sweat_drops: :slight_smile:
  • 112g CoffeeHuel, ChocFS
  • 61g Huel granola
    x* 1/4 of NewHuel w 2.5g PB2 had to throw it out bc it tasted kinda off…note to self do not leave Huel overtwonights
  • 38g Huel + 2g ChocFS THIS IS MY FAVOURITE I shook it up without leaving it overnight and it still tasted amazing…it’s like the chocolate milk I always had growing up, but thicker. Mmmmmm could legit eat this forever.



  • Sleep was very undisturbed! It’s actually insane; I used “I’m trying to see if my sleep gets better” as an excuse, but it appears it actually has! I’m not sure if the lack of energy is just due to not eating sugar haha. Perhaps. It was worse a few days ago, perhaps my body is getting accustomed to it.
  • Huel Granola has been a variety+munchy saviour; I don’t think I’d have been able to do 100% Huel with just Huel Powder because I’d get reaaaaally bored. Also, do you guys know if we can survive on Huel Granola? I’d have to eat 380g of it everyday haha, and it doesn’t sound like a bad deal xD
  • I have such a sweet tooth LOL sans the second day, I’ve been completely fine not having any savoury food :joy: Heck if I really want savoury I can reach for Huel Granola bc I consider that savoury enough. Makes the cost-benefit analysis so hard when going out to eat since I honestly just DONT value eating pizza or fried chicken or burgers :hamburger: as much as I do a good dessert!

Moving Forward, things I’ve learned:

  • I quite like having lost weight pretty effortlessly. It shows me that my body does NOT break physics, and eating around 1400kcal is a 500kcal deficit.
  • My restful sleep could be because I’m not eating sugar, and if my body is just starting to get used to that… I’m going to try not to eat sugar yet because it could make me have a sugar crash and feel like absolute trash.
  • IF 12-8 is Godsent. Haven’t had much social issues with it, and it gives me more leeway to play around with my calories.
  • I’m not actually eagerly awaiting/counting down the hours til I can “have my first proper meal” as some people have documented in their blogs (although these ‘journalists’ often treated Huel as frankenfood that they needed to disprove and cheat on with noodles and alcohol and the like)… in fact, I DONT want to grab a pizza or something fat and sugar laden. Huel isn’t a diet fad, nor a “7 day smoothie/juice diet” wherein you go berserk eating everything you craved during the diet. Huel has kept me perfectly satiated and stable with no hunger and cravings to speak of…why would I want that to change?! Why would I want to shove less nutritious food into my body if they give me equal pleasure taste-wise?
  • So that leads to the social component: I HAVE noticed all the social gatherings I miss out on when not eating—I’ve tried to minimise it by going anyways (something I realise you CAN actually do), and moving forward I can buy small snacks I’d actually enjoy vs a lasagna just to fit in. But…being able to socialise with food is still something I don’t want to, and shouldn’t want give up. I can’t rely on Huel to the extent it distresses me when I try to fit in eating with friends. That in itself has huge value. Nonetheless, Huel will make up the foundation of my diet, to make sure it’s at least 80% healthy :slight_smile:


  1. IF 12-8
  2. Huel for 1 meal
  3. Drink water before and during meals
  4. Try to stick to ~1350-1550kcal
  5. Try not to eat sugar yet and see how that feels (it’s annoying bc my Brother baked a brownie for me! And other treats like mochi I need to get rid of lol). But it shouldn’t take effort, I don’t even actually crave sweets now :slight_smile:
  6. Bring Huel with me in my flask in case I ever need a healthy meal/snack :smiley:

Day 7 ??
Hah … I’m Day 10 !
The only ‘real’ food was a bowl of soup and 2 poached eggs (2 eggs alone with nothing else !.. quite dull !) since breakfast on 3rd May !

Huel Challenge Review

We’ve come to the end of my little Huel 1 week experiment :smiley: Thanks to everyone who joined me, and I hope it’s informative for those who are thinking of doing Huel 100% or just starting Huel really.

Looking back to my first post,

All :white_check_mark:, sans a day when my window was 9h, and one when I had 1500kcal. Largely ate at those meal timings, sans a day when I sipped my Huel snack at a cafe. Only had a day at the beginning when I drank coffee and chewed gum.

  1. Yes, but went anyways and explained my “Smoothie Challenge”
  2. Tbh quite glad I didn’t go for the Formal bc it has shit food, but I joined them after nonetheless! Didn’t miss out at all.
  3. Got my Camelbak and it wasn’t a problem.
  4. Chewing was fine with Huel granola. Craved roasted vegetables, but also went away with Huel granola, which apparently my brain deems savoury enough.
  5. There were days (especially when period) I almost felt as though I was binging on Huel granola, but no binge urges for sweets or the like.
  1. Start Weight: 59.0-2kg | End Weight: 58.3kg | Weight Lost: 0.7-0.9kg
  2. Yep, no craving for sweets! I DO miss c/sing as an stress relief activity though.
  3. Wasn’t too difficult honestly :slight_smile: Hunger was nearly nonexistent, or very manageable.

Aaaaaaaaaand that’s a wrap! :slight_smile: See you back at my other thread: 📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss :tada:

@DaisyFlowers23 @annacountrybell @Tzinsli @Dln1965 @madeleine how have your journeys been? :slight_smile:


Hi @jeffy89 I finished my 100% week and delighted that I did it. I don’t think it’s the way forward for me, though. Issues I experienced…

  • I missed the benefits of eating with others. It definitely meant I communicated less with my OH which is a bad thing!
  • I missed crunch and texture!
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I went 100% huel for at least 2 weeks
And I still have days which are 100% now …
Don’t get me wrong, I do like my food (a little too much some might say ?)
But I was very surprised and chuffed at the results, ease of making a ‘meal’ and how I feel (physically).
And the best result is the weight I’ve lost (and continue to lose)
So for me … huel will be on my daily menu from now onward …

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