Huel 2.0 Bars received today, charged for Huel 3.0 bars (as per subscription)

I am subscribed to Huel bars, and was kindof excited to try the new 3.0 bars that were due today. Opened up the box - Huel 2.0 bars. And the slap in the face was I was charged 24.75 - not the clearance price (

Whats the best way of rectifying this? I didnt notice the version number change until I opened the box, so assume I cannot send back and get the 3,0 bars, so is a refund of the difference my only option?

Hi, I’m sure @Tim_Huel will be able to help you there.

That sounds super strange, really sorry to hear that. Could you drop us an email on and we can sort it out for you!

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Sent. Thanks

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Just a quick update here - it looks like this will all be resolved in the next 24 hours.

Looking at the forum a few people have had issues with customer services lately, but my experiences have always ended very positively and quickly.

Thanks to @Tim_Huel and to Ella who replied to my email. Kudos to you all.


Just wait til you get those v3 they’re soooooo much better


You’re so welcome.

v3.0 is a vibe.

:partying_face: :tada:

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I have no idea what that means but I’ll assume it’s what the cool millennials say.



:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Good one!

I can confirm that everything is now sorted. And the 3.0 bars are totally dope. Word.