Huel 2.2 - texture

The water sits on top and ‘refuses to mix’. Until you put the lid on, turn it upside down once or twice and it… mixes.

My 2 cents: I have been drinking UU and Vanilla Huel since v1.2 and I just received my Vanilla v2.2. I always use shaker and consume right away about 100g for 400ml cold water. I didn’t find any issues with the viscosity whatsoever. Wouldn’t have thought the versions where different if it wasn’t written on the bags. I must say that I lazy shake my Huel (top 10 secs) and it seems that this version needs to be more laborious as I observed more

UPDATE: I had posted ^^^ that my new shaking regime improves 2.2 for me. BUT I have recently found that 2.2 improves even more if shaken more.

OK, this might sound ridiculous, but up until this week I used to do this:

Huel shaker with added wire ball
Half fill, add 3 scoops
Shake 30 secs
Add remaing half water
Shake 30 secs.

That was okay, and improved things a lot compared to drinking 2.2 after my 2.1 shaker regime (no wire ball, about 15 secs shaking total).

But I’ve now found if those 30 sec shakes are replaced by, get this, 90 secs each and I add the water in 3rds, I get a result which is way closer to 2.1. The improvement in texture is significant and the effect is a similar taste and feel to 2.1.

Plus I get a good upper body workout.

I urge anyone still having texture issues to go nuts with the shaking…

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I urge Huel to figure out why a significant number of posters are having to go to such ridiculous lengths to be able to continue to consume their product since the 2.2 change.


Any news on this yet? I’ve been holding off on my next order in the vague hope that we might get an improved formula. It’s really put me off using Huel since the 2.2 changes. I’m getting closer with the mixing now to the 2.1, but it’s still a far cry from how good it was.

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If only there was some way you could mix 3 scoops with just half a shaker, mix it loosely for ten seconds and then drink it.

Oh wait… you could. Once.

They know why. All this was intentional. And requested.

Several months ago the Huel team said they were sending samples for testing to see if the 2.2 mix really was any different in terms if viscocity/homogeneity.
I suspect this has fallen by the wayside because there are sufficient new users who don’t mind the thickness and mouthfeel to offset those of us who dislike it and have stopped or delayed ordering.
Time to give the alternatives a try.
I’m keeping the shaker, scoop and T-shirt though :laughing:

Send me a PM if you want advice on alternatives. I’ve tried a whole bunch of other brands, and will be switching from Huel to Bertrand about tomorrow.

Last bag of 1.2 today, 18 months of it and I hardly knew ye :expressionless:

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I’m starting to think Huel has quality control issues, based on the vastly different experiences with each version.

For future feedback I think it should be mandatory to specify the batch number, which can be found on the bottom right corner of every Huel bag. I’ve received bad batches before where the version is being praised on this forum but my specific batch was just not proper, one batch I had a few months ago smelled extremely bad after mixed with water and one batch also a pretty long time ago now was unacceptably thick, while seemingly nobody else with the same version complained about it.

From reading some of the comments complaining about thickness, it reminds me a lot of that bad batch I once had. After mixing the exact same amount of water as I always did, you could almost see a thick layer on the top and the texture was very different compared to normal Huel.

My current order which is v2.2 from batch #3168, received July 26th has been awesome. I’m on my last bag, and I usually mix 6 scoops every day with 1000ml water, usually with some blueberries or a banana. I’ve tried mixing it in my shaker 2-3 times and I use 450ish ml water with 3 scoops every time, this have been even less thick than previous version, it almost felt like I’ve used a mixer.

Other people in this thread obviously don’t have the same experience with this version. It’s also a difficult issue since you don’t know if some people are exaggerating or not.

Purchasing a product shouldn’t be a gamble. I love Huel too much to stop buying it, but I sincerely hope Huel starts to test every batch or do random sample tests internally.

I honestly think these people have a different experience because their Huel is to put it simple different than your batch, even if the version is the same. Check out what I typed above.


You haven’t mentioned UU vs Vanilla.

The thickness (and subsequently the taste) of UU was drastically and deliberately messed with after v1.2 (and it can’t be blamed on batches, unfortunately).

I have half a bag of v1.2 remaining (surviving nicely beyond it’s July 2017 use by) and then Huel will be a thing of the past for me.

Hi all

Thanks for your continued comments in this thread - they are read even if we’re not responding to them all.

We do have strict quality control, but we note the comments above and are actively reviewing processess. We are also addressing the concerns people have regarding thickness and lumping.


Got given some v2.1 from a friend who wasn’t keen on it, and the difference really is night and day, even when using the blender. I still can’t figure out how it can be considered similar viscosity and thickness.

Don’t suppose there’s a v2.3 on the horizon is there before these 2.1 bags run out?

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Yes they never got back to us with the homogeneity results! New formulation is still uncomfortably slimey but a minor improvement for me.

The texture and how lumpy it is its making me think about different alternatives… Satislent is going to be my next choice if Huel dont change

I still have a lot of Huel… 7 bags… :frowning:

Really sorry for the delay on this, my fault entirely as I didn’t post the information when Steffi told me. I realise all of this is moot now since releasing v2.2 with calcium carbonate in.

We did top line testing and found that v2.2 was slightly more viscous than v2.1.
Upon taste testing in them in the office there was no perceivable difference in thickness.

However as I’ve just said and you know, we have since reduced the gum blend marginally after feedback from you.

Does this mean there’s a new version of 2.2 released since the first batches we received? May be tempted to give it one final shot once this 2.1 runs out.

I’d not heard of Satislent…there are a lot of soylents around now. I’ve tried a few, but personally Huel is still my preferred one…although there is another British brand that does have some nice flavour options that I have sampled and are really good; although a bit sweet. Shake up nicely too. Not gonna mention the name here, but won’t take too much detective work as they have been mentioned several times before.

I guess part of why I prefer Huel is the company’s willingness to listen to feedback of users and adapt where they see a benefit. They’re never going to please everyone…

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I have tried more than 6 brands in this type of “food” and Huel is my preferred choice, but I could meet the history of Satislent and I have no doubts I am going to try their products after I finish my bags.

The good thing is that is an spanish brand, and you know… Spain has the best food…

I want to try also Feed

That is correct.

Here Spain is not really known for using pesticides sparingly though… at least with vegetables.