Huel and Berocca

Hi all,

I have just started on my Huel journey and had a rather basic question I am hoping someone may be able to aid with! Essentially, are there any minerals contained in Huel that are only to be consumed at the designated levels? As in, any more could be harmful?

I ask as I have had a Berocca ( to start my day for the last 3 years and plan to continue doing so but wondered if I should be concerned by any of the numbers below when becoming a 100% Hueler:


Thanks in advance!!

You probably didn’t need it then, you probably won’t need it now, but it probably won’t hurt.

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If you need any extra vitamins/minerals with 100% Huel (or a mixture of Huel and sensible plate meals) get them on prescription and have your bloods monitored. As a general rule, over the counter stuff like Berocca only serves to make the manufacturers risk and put expensive wee down your toilet.

There are a few minerals/vitamins that shouldn’t be taken within X hours of a multivitamin/mineral, but the prescriber should have alerted you to that problem…

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I’ve linked the study elsewhere in the forum but unless there’s a medical deficiency then vits/mineral supplementation is largely a waste of money.

That neon berocca wee is all of it leaving your system.