Newbie to huel but use Berocca daily

Hi guys. I’ve decided to take the plunge and give huel a start. I’m a recovery truck driver and after starting over a year ago I have put alot of weight on. This is mainly because I have been taking junk to work for meals as being on the road without a fridge etc means fresh/healthy options doesn’t always keep (yes I could use cool bags etc but I never have)
My question is I started drinking Berocca every morning and have done for around a year. It seems to help my immune system and keep my multivitamins topped up. My question is am I ok to take both?
I’m planning on having huel just as lunch to start with but may do breakfast and lunch after I get used to it.

Any info would be great.


Yes, most of the vitamins in berocca are water soluble- meaning it’s very hard to get too much of them because your body will just excrete any excess. I think magnesium and zinc are fat soluble but even with 2000kcal of huel a day + a berocca I don’t think you’d get close to dangerous levels.

That’s great thanks :slight_smile: I was a little worried I would have to stop taking it :slight_smile:

Excited to try it out! Shall be here tomorrow but may wait until my next 2 days off work incase my gut doesn’t take a liking to huel… don’t want to be stuck in my lorry and 200miles away from a loo haha