Huel and bodybuilding

How will Huel fuel and supplement my amateur bodybuilding.

I currently use another brand and get results but need to fuel my body during the day which is lacking, so I’m hoping Huel will be able to supplement my needs pre and post gym. I am currently 49 so need to work harder to get results

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@james has a lot of experience with bodybuilding so should be able to answer this for you.

In the meantime here is some advice on gaining weight if that is your goal -

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It’s just food; it’s no better or worse than any other food of equivalent quality. But specifically, it’s food which is high in protein, which is presumably very important for body building.

I wouldn’t consider any other brands of powdered food for body building, as I’m not aware of any which are engineered for good nutrition likes Huel is. All of the others I’ve seen, seem to be packed with crud like maltodextrin; they may be more suitable for a preworkout meal, but an actual pre-workout mix would presumably be even better for that purpose anyway.

Don’t forget your creatine, which is also helpful for building muscle. Huel doesn’t contain any creatine, unlike when you are consuming meat.

@Julian, is it possible that you meant to link to @JamesCollier?


Hi @Andrew_Mew - what are your bodybuilding goals?

Huel is used by a number of bodybuilders from beginner through to top level competitor. It’s nutrient profile make it a great choice. Let me know your goals, what foods you’re currently using and I’ll advise.

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@JamesCollier Thanks for support and I currently do 1-2-1 with my gym trainer who has meal plans etc… My goal was Daniel Craig and got that body in May 2016 now going slightly bigger. I have currently put on 6lbs in muscle. I also consume creatine twice daily
I am 49 so age is a factor.
My problem is my job. A lorry driver, so diet/eating properly is my down fall hence Huel.
I have my 80g of porridge, take my pack-up and plan to eat every 3 hours as per instruction but I finish my food by 11am due to boredom. I then see bright light and pull into the services later and snack on Cr*p.
I’m hoping Huel will fuel my day at the relevant times and give me the right balance of foods.

Hi @Andrew_Mew - well done on your progress so far!. It sounds like you’d benefit from 2-3 x 3 scoop servings of Huel per day:

  • Early afternoon

  • an hour before training

  • post workout

This should keep you both content and stop you eating the cr*p, and fuel you pre- and post workout.

Let us know how you get on with this.

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Looking forward to my delivery tomorrow including L shirt and shaker bottle.
Hoping to fit in L shirt soon :slight_smile:

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Just to chuck in my 2 pennies, I lifted weights casually for a few years about 6 years ago, and I’ve recently decided to give bodybuilding a proper college try to coincide with various life changes, Huel being one of them.

As I said I’ve lifted before, but never before have I had the strength, energy and all round health that I’m experiencing on Huel, and the results are borderline incredible, In fact, one of the reasons I started this account was to thank the crew and share a picture of the results this diet has got for me in just a couple of months, because it’s honestly staggering.