Huel and skin worsening after use


I’m pretty much sensitive to everything, so have been ordering the unflavoured and gluten free…but, my skin was messing up and I couldn’t figure out why. Was is that random banana I had on Tuesday morning? Was it because I slept on the sofa, and the day before a creepy yellow leaf from outside had blown onto it and landed around the area my face had slept on? I didn’t know. But the leaf was large, and looked like it had lived ‘quite a life’ outside. So I went 100% Huel for a few days, and the skin problem remained. Not satisfied with just accepting that I’m ugly, I then cut out the flavoured pouches because they contain Maltodextrin (although not that common, I Googled it and Maltodextrin can cause some skin problems)…

So now I drink unflavoured and unsweetened Huel, and instead of adding a flavour pouch, I squeeze a bit of Agave honey in - and it’s lovely and no more skin problems. I’ve since rekindled my friendship with leaves. Link here to the honey if it’s of any use:

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I’ve got that exact Agave nectar and tried it in the unflavoured but it didn’t do much for me. How much do you put in?


My Sainsbury’s store also stock this (£2.50) and the Clarks Organic version (£2).


Hmm…not a lot. Squeeze for about 3-4 seconds, using a ‘roundy squeezy’ hand motion. Also, you can add a bit of chocolate, which just mixes it up a bit. (Though, I get that if you throw in a banana, whipped cream, some cheese and a hotdog it would be good too but against the point). But yeah, squeeze a bit of agave in, and a bit square of chocolate, see what you think. The agave seems pretty healthy, so maybe try squeezing a bit more in and see what happens.

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Yeah, you can get it from a few places. I always default to the ‘how can I not leave my house and get what I want?’ school of thinking. It’s pretty good, until you grow a beard because the breadbin told you to.

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Actually @Sam, just had another Huel, and like a classic episode of Columbo, I’ve remembered that there’s just one more thing. I keep a small 0.5l glass bottle in my fridge and fill it with tap water. I take the bottle out, pour the cold water into my Huel plastic maker thing, then fill the glass bottle back up and put it back in the fridge. Repeat. This means that I’m always having cold Huel, without the wait. So maybe cold Huel brings out the flavour of the Agave a little better? Might be worth giving it a try. It’s working for me, is pretty tasty and no skin probs.


Ahh that makes sense actually. Thanks for all that I’ll give it a good shot :slight_smile:


@Sam …just figured something else out too - add strawberries! Turns it pink, and it’s lovely! So, unflavoured, plus Agave honey + strawberries = yum and no skin problems. Cold water is a must, and make sure you add the Huel on top of the water, not the Huel first then water. Cheers!

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Hi Sam,
I’ve noticed some rush around the lips, since I’ve started to use Huel.
The rest of my diet still remain full of fruits and fresh veggies, vegetarian and gluten free. I drink a lot of water to balance this new diet.
I take as a good suggestion the fact that maybe my proteins intaking is higher now than before…hence this skin reaction.
But overall I’m happy and I’m confident that my body will find the correct equilibrium.


I had PCOS when I was younger, was also troubled with really awful acne well into my 30’s and continued to suffer from the big vile boil like spots until about 2 years ago. The only thing that changed a couple of years ago was that I went all “smoothie” and one of the regular additions to my smoothies was avocado. Now at the hint of a spot I eat an avocado :smiley:

Anyway the point of my post was to say that, as a PCOS sufferer, Huel hasn’t aggravated my underlying acne. I favour the vanilla version and my favourite way to eat it is with cacao powder and sometimes 50g of peanut butter (well lush)

My moods have been considerably more stable (I’m a very moody cow and consume copious amounts of antidepressants)


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My idea guys is that the huge amount (60g) of flaxseed a 2000 kcal huel based diet implies is the cause of these acne related problems. Flaxseed is rich in phytoestrogens, and these can alter one’s hormone levels.

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After two days of one Huel meal a day (v2) I started to get a breakout on my chin where I never get it. Interestingly, had no issues with v1.2…anyone else?


a month later I can say that my skin is now even more beautiful.
I’m happy with my Huel, I use it for Breakfast and for Lunch, as I’m not very hungry and the risk would be to end eating anything available and reachable, that’s why Huel is the ideal solution.
Still snacking with fruits and some nuts and for dinner, lots of veggies and some proteins as legumes or bit of cheese or eggs. For me this works very well.
I will let you know if I will also loose weight since this is my main aim!


So after a few months and with v2.1 released I’m giving Huel another go. My skin has finally cleared up with only the occasional spot so I feel like it’s a good time to see if Huel really was what caused any problems.

I’ve chosen gluten free and will start with 50g a day (25g vanilla and 25g unflavoured) for a few days, see what happens and hopefully increase it steadily over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed it’s okay as I really love the convenience Huel provides!


I’m having the same problem. Although, I suffer from psoriasis. After taking vanilla huel for just under a month, I am experiencing the worst psoriasis outbreak I have ever had, and getting spots on my face. Going to stop using huel, which is unfortunate because I do like it.


Yes, had the same experience. Been using huel for about a month, I’m currently having the worst psoriasis outbreak I’ve ever had. No other possible cause, seems like huel triggers psoriasis for me.

Going to stop using it for a week and see if that makes it any better.


Four days in with v2.1 and no apparent issues with my skin yet. It does seem a little more greasy but I’m not really sure. I had 50g for two days and now moved onto 75g. Will keep building it up slowly until 2000kcal of Huel a day if I have no issues.


How’s it going?


hi are you still using huel?


Hey Sam, how’s your situation now?