Huel and Slimming World Syns

Hi huellers,
Can anyone help? I was wondering if you followed the slimming world diet and used Huel either once or twice a day as meal replacements, would anyone on here know what the syns would work out for say 50g of Huel?

The nutritional values sheet has everything you need, just divide the numbers below by 2 :slight_smile:

50g is quite a small serving though, more snack size than meal and I’d probably stick to 100g at least if you’re going to replace meals (100g serving of Huel five times a day is 2000 calories).

I guess you might already have done this, but in case you haven’t… work out your total daily energy expenditure as well and just make sure you have less calories than that.

And you know… cardio :frowning:

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Thanks, I was wanting to know how it relates to SW Syns though. I know they have an online calculator for such things but I don’t have access to it (subscribers only).

SW Syns is a new one on me, but this might help.

100g of huel is 400kcal = 20 syns
50g of huel is 200kcal = 10 syns

But like I said, 50g is likely going to be way too small a portion for a meal replacement.

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Google suggests a Syn is 20kCal so 50g of Huel wil be 200kCal equivalent to 10 Syns, though why the dolts had to make up their own calorific unit, god knows.

If this is important to you you should probably double check this as I know nothing about Slimming World. Another google hit argues a Syn is (fat+carbs)/5 (where we’re converting from mass in grams), making 50g Huel roughly 5 Syns.

There are however deviations. It all seems to be part of what SW would like you to believe is some special secret measuring system they have which will lead to weight loss when you follow their guidance. It smells rather wrong to me particularly basing their business model on this secret measurement. I prefer the open peer reviewed process of science to some contrived pseudo-scientific bs.

That’s only my opinion though. If it works for some then good for them. I imagine some of the individuals running groups do offer genuine support & help. I just don’t trust the company that’s selling this franchise to them. Sláinte.


Thank you for your help

Marketing and locking people into a particular mindset. If all slimming world et al did was promote balanced nutrition and calorie counting they’d lose their membership :wink:


Although the 20 Cal = 1 Syn thing is correct for junk food, there’s a more accurate measure on the slimming world website. It should be near the food diary, or your consultant should be able to help you work it out with the packaging. I haven’t done it for a long time, but I feel like Huel would be very low Syn due to the nutritional make-up.

Essentially, Slimming World helps you to easily manage your diet by promoting low-calorie/more filling foods, and limiting processed/sugary/“empty calories”. It’s calorie control-ish, without the focus on numbers.

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I was hoping for advice like this Charlotte, thank you. No one in our house is a current member so don’t have access to the online calculators. We were hoping for two Huel meals a day and a slimming world style dinner in the evening. Then hoping to track it via the slimming world parameters.

Not a problem; it’s something that I know quite a bit about, but I never worked out the formula for their calculator. It’s all to do with the “free food” amount in healthier foods, but I couldn’t tell you more than that. Hopefully you can find someone who has access, and if you give them the information provided by Tristan above, they’ll be able to give you a correct amount.
I’d be interested to know, if you do manage to find out.

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Do you have a way to calculate syns in your evening meal?

From what I can find online it seems how a syn is calculated & indeed what foods have any syn value at all depends on which of several SW programmes you’re on.

I guess you could calculate your calorific target, subtract off the Huel calories you’ll be consuming & then scale down your evening meal syn allowance accordingly.

So for example suppose you know on a pure SW diet you’re allowed 20 syns per day & calculate yourself that you want to consume 2000 kCals per day. If your two Huel meals give you 800 kCals, that leaves you needing 1200/2000 of your daily intake from your SW evening meal, so you would allow yourself 20 * 1200/2000 syns for that meal.

To be honest though it seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a sub optimal diet. SW make their income by stopping this information from being public, so unless you can find a franchisee who’s willing to spill the beans I think you’ll find it hard to get a reliable answer to your question without signing up for their programme.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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Huel would only be 20 syns if it were all fats, sugars and/or carbs (junk food or snack foods/treats), but since it is a good whole food, 100 g of Huel would only be about 10 syns, actually. You need to make the difference between very good healthy nutritious food and junk foods with very little nutrition, before you try to calculate syns.

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Ah ok. Syns seem really over complicated to me to be honest. I thought weight control was just about keeping an eye on my calorific intake and not eating crap food. I guess all the time figuring out syns and not eating food is going to help lose weight lol

The numbers I got were just from this, I don’t know much about the context or use.

Syns are based on fibre content too - as to whether the food has any wholesome ingregient/element or not.
IMO - you’re mixing up programmes and confusing yourself.
Either do SW or don’t!
I don’t, cos like you I tried to mess with the programme too much.
How about My Fitness Pal - FREE calorie counting app that you can track food with.
SW isn’t magic it’s having you focus on eating low calorie wholefoods and limiting the junk - you can do that via any system and not have to add syns into the feckin mix lol!


I already use MyFitnessPal but it was just a question that popped into my head. My partner uses the SW system and wondered if it would be easy for her to work out the syns of a Huel shake just for the now and again occasions.

Ahh, ok, initial post sounded like a twice daily regular occurance.

I don’t mean to necro an old post, but it seems silly to put a new convo for one so aptly discussed.

I bought some huel (after trying an alternative and it was NAFF), but after a good long weekend of overindulgence, we had a talk about both of our widening waistlines, my partner has recently said she wants to do slimming world again (we both had decent success on this, her more than me as I was a rugby player at the time so gained muscle rather than lost weight regularly) - I don’t want to waste good huel, but I also want to support my partner by tracking our weightloss and making a little competition with SW (she’s super competitive, me - not so much haha). But if I’m off doing a different thing and get better or worse results - this could demotivate her (and/or me!).

Does anyone know if this could be considered a ‘balanced’ ‘free’ meal on SW or would I have to count it as syns?

I’m tempted to count it as ‘free’ for now - until I know better, I’m using it for breakfast and the occassional lunch or dinner when I’m busy.

Are there anymore thoughts on the issue?

So - Its me again.

Just wanted to update everyone who might still be interested. I have done slimming world for 2 weeks with my partner where I was using huel as breakfast (or lunch) for 80% of those days. For the record I counted Huel as my healthy extra B (which is essentially fibre, like bread - according to SW), and 2 syns. This seems to have worked fine, as I’m loosing at the ‘correct’ speed for my size and routine.

I have had a bad couple of days where I went WAYYYY over the syn count (it was pretty damn needed haha), but otherwise been very disciplined in making my shopping and treat choices. And despite having some bad days, I have fared very well!

Using Huel and slimming world I lost 1.2 kilos (2.8 pounds to the heathens) in those 2 weeks, with very little change to my routine. The only thing I changed was I decided to only get half my ‘treats’ on the online shop and the other half I had to walk to the store (about a mile round trip).

One thing to note is - I have always had some ‘tooting’ issues with huel, but using slimming world in conjunction, all the fruit and veg fibre and huel all at once REALLY shocked my system. My flat was a hazmat zone for the first week - my partner was not impressed :slight_smile:

To the Huel team - you can probably get in contact with SW to sort this out officially if you were so inclined (which you may not be!). I’ve only seen a couple threads like this so it might not be high on the agenda - but would be nice!


thanks for letting us know, appreciated