Huel and Slimming World

I’ve just started Huel, and I’ve also committed to follow Slimming World with my wife.

I have a lot of weight to lose, and I’d like to continue using Huel as I find it filling and convenient, but I want to make it compatible with Slimming World so my wife and I can have meals together.

Those in the know:

  • Can Huel be classed as “free” on Slimming World?

  • If not, can it be classed as one of your Healthy Extras?

  • If not, how many Syns in the three standard servings of Huel?

Thanks so much for any help or advice you can give.

Hiya, I have no idea about Slimming World but wanted to ask was it just one meal a day you will be having with your wife? if so maybe you can have Huel for the other two?

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Hi Sarah. For lunch I’ll be having whatever I had for dinner the previous night! I’m not adverse to changing that to Huel, but until I know how I can classify it, I’m sticking to breakfasts only.

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I can’t think of any answer to this other than the below. I know it’s not what you want to hear but it’s the best advice i can think to offer:

Scrap the Slimming World and download Myfitnesspal. Use a calculator to find a rough TDEE estimate. Eat exactly that many calories for two weeks. Weigh every two days and record the weight in the Myfitnesspal app.

Weight goes up = Eat less calories.
Weight goes down = Eat that number of calories until you reach your goal weight.

I’ve seen a lot of people lose a lot of weight with Slimming World, but they never learn about the balance of energy in and energy out and its relationship with bodyweight, so 7/9 have all put the weight back on.

Huel is an absolutely perfect product to begin your weight loss journey with. Easily recordable calories and great macro balance.


Hiya, fair enough, I have no idea if it even does classify in Slimming World terms. The advice below from GTIPuG is fab advice :smiley:

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That’s an interesting alternative. I’ll talk to the boss about it! Thank you :slight_smile:

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To answer your questions - no, no, 20 syns (you normally get up to 15).

For the sake of marital harmony I would have the huel breakfast and the SW friendly lunch and dinner. If they are on plan then they should be naturally low in calories anyway and just improving your diet might be enough to start shifting weight. If you want to count the calories then just input the meal into MFP or whatever app you are using. No reason why it has to be one way or the other.

Sorry. Just realised this thread is two weeks old but won’t delete in case my reply is still of use to anyone :grin:

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I would classify Huel as “free” with high confidence. The bars are preferable if you can afford them.

GTIPuG’s advice is the most solid but it requires discipline and hard work.


Since posting this, I’ve been having Huel for breakfast and then followed Slimming World for lunch and dinner. I’ve lost a decent amount of weight and feel pretty good in general.

In fact, I’m considering moving to Huel for lunch too on some days, because some days I fancy that instead of something Slimming World-approved.


Nice to hear things are going well. If you like the approach of “Slimming World” but you want a stricter classification of food, I can recommend McDougall’s:

When Huel is seen from this point of view, it’s a “yellow” food, not a “green” food. I think this is more serious than “Slimming World”. Anyway, if “Slimming World” is enough, then so be it.

Hi I just wondered when you have Huel for one meal - is that 3 scoops? I am trying the slimming world approach but without any artificial sugar.

Yep, most people have 3 scoops or 100g as a meal.

Thanks and with how much water?

around half a litre depending on how thick you like it…maybe 350 ml first, shake it up, and then add more til about right. Personally I have 100g and 500ml liquid…sometimes 550ml

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Hi all. I’ve recently joined SW to help my wife with her weight loss (she refuses to go with Huel, having tried it a few times and hated it) so I’ll be having a SW breakfast and dinner with her, and Huel for lunch.

The SW rep told me today that 100g of Huel (402 calories) is 20 Syns, however the “Healthy B” can be used on oats so 40g of the allowance can be “free” and the final 60g of Huel would cost 10 Syns from my allowance.

The way I see it is I’ll take that for a spin and see if I’m losing weight. If I’m not I’ll revisit and if I am I’ll stick with it. The main gal for my weight-loss is to get into shape to commute my full 16 mile round trip on the bike daily rather than doing half journeys every few days so my metabolism will improve and hopefully not be impacted by any “bounce” from the SW diet.

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God this just gets worse and worse.

Then people wonder why they rebound when they stop Slimming World. They never learn self control and nutrition outside of their sheltered SW scheme.

Tell the Mrs I ate 2600 calories of Huel today. By the sales rep’s calculations I have had around 120 (?) syns today. Oh wait, and yesterday. And hang on, the day before. :stuck_out_tongue: YET, I’m 15% bodyfat?! :stuck_out_tongue:



it really does. So you’re allowed one nutritionally complete, balanced meal of 400 calories, and any more is too many syns?

The same can be said about any diet change to be honest; people go from their natural habit of eating x or y bad foods to eating healthily and that makes it easy to revert back to old habits. The biggest positive I can see with SW is the education piece on balancing food types, what foods are great for you and limiting the bad foods (albeit they have a ridiculous bespoke Syn thing going on) and trading ideas on how to replace bad foods with good ones that perhaps people wouldn’t have thought about before.

There’s also a whole section on exercise (although realistically there isn’t a single person in the group who exercises. Ever. Other than me commuting by bike)