Huel and Sprouting seeds

I’ve started to grow my own sprouts and add them to my Huel. I’ve always used a Nutribullet to mix my Huel, and it mixes perfectly. Just before consuming the Huel, I add my sprouts, whisk them up and then enjoy it. The sprouts add a new, natural flavour to the Huel.

Sprouting seeds is so simple. Mung beans are probably the quickest and easiest to sprout but I have jars sprouting wheat grass, radishes, alfalfa, broccoli and lentils and other seeds bought from Amazon. All the jars are at different stages of growth so I have a continuous supply of fresh sprouts.

All you need is a jar with a perforated lid, soak the beans or seeds for 12 hours and rinse twice a day until they are ready to consume, which is around a week to ten days. You can buy all you need from Amazon, the most expensive item is the sprouting jar but you can just use an old jam jar if you bang a few holes in the lid for drainage.

I suppose you could say, the sprouts turbo-charge the benefits of Huel, and tastes great too.


I’ve been sprouting seeds for years: mung, chickpea, alfalfa, radish, mustard, lentils, broccoli…but I’ve never thought of adding them to Huel.

It’s dead easy isn’t it? I have some sprouting trays and a jar with a perforated lid.

I actually got my sprouting trays in a charity shop, still boxed, so maybe an unwanted gift. I do live in Glastonbury…perhaps the hippies aren’t all hippies.

Ah nice, does it make your Huel taste more savoury? I can imagine it a great addition to the Hot & Savoury too.

I don’t know enough about sprouted beans, what are the benefits for you? It’s to do with availability of the nutrients and digestion right? I just watched a video and it looks so simple!

It certainly adds benefit to H&S products as well as the powder. Raw food is a hot topic at the moment and there’s plenty information out there on the web. Sprouting is so easy to do and my grandson certainly enjoys seeing the beans and seeds quickly germinate and sprout. Mung beans are the easiest and probably the quickest to grow. It’s fascinating to see just how quickly the sprouts do grow and my grandson is fascinated when he takes the lid off the sprouting tray and sees the growth in just a single day.

Raw sprouts are so beneficial and adding them to Huel just adds so much more raw and natural nutrition to the diet. I’ve sprouted peas last week and it really enhanced the flavour of the Huel powder. I read somewhere that the sprouts have 40 times more nutrition than the fully grown vegetables have.

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