Huel bags delivered already months into their shelf life

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I think we could make it clearer. On our Bars we say this which might be helpful for the powder page. I’ll suggest it.

Are you stockpiling your Huel? If you are ordering Huel, and consuming it within the timeframe then you won’t have any problems. Whether it’s 10% or 75%.

I have like 13 bags right now and I consume 5-6 meals of 500kcal per week aprox so it last me like 10-11 months. Right now the possibilities that my 2 lasts bags of huel of this purchase pass their BBD are high. I know its a BBD but still its a pity

So, in my case, having 3-4 months of gone shelf life its very important… :frowning:

PS. Buying in bulk needs to be reviewed because its not the same to make a big purchase with 12 months of shelf life instead of 9 months like I received


I must be getting all the new ones because I’ve not ordered powder for months and all mine are BBE 07/21 even now! :joy:

Perhaps more realistically I suspect it’s because the only powder I order is Chocolate Black Edition which presumably has a fast throughput in terms of sales so that would indicate why I’m getting the new stuff with every order.

Simple answer for those with older stuff - evangelise to your friends so your favourite powder gets more popular and therefore you’ll be able to get full 12 month shelf life! :+1:t3:

Why do you order so many bags at once? Huel charges no delivery fees…so why should this make sense?

There’s a bulk purchase discount. The more bags you buy at once, the cheaper each bag is. I always buy at least ten at a time, and I always advise people to do similar if they want to save money.



I don’t find the difference that big…at least not in Germany…

No I am not stockpiling my Huel. The pace in which the customers consume their Huel is not a legitimate response to the problem which is: if a product is advertised and marketed as lasting 12 months the consumer should reasonable expect to have 12 months to consume it, not 6 months and not 3 months. Perhaps a customer was planning not to consume the product for the first 9 months believing and planning they could consume it all in the last 3 months of the 12 month shelf life, only to get to month 9 and find the product expired 6 months ago. This doesn’t seem logical or fair.


I wrote about it here:

It’s a very significant saving. But those prices are for the UK store.


@Tim_Huel Long time Huel user here. One of the things I appreciate about Huel as a company is your transparency, but lately you seem to have become fond of playing with semantics.

The shelf life of a product is the minimum guaranteed period from the time it is delivered to its best before date. That’s it. It’s not open to interpretation.

The website indicates the best before date is 12 months after the date of production and not much else. So a reasonable assumption is you use a just-in-time production line, with the product arriving one or two weeks after production, with roughly 12 months shelf life.

If that is not the case, then please clearly state the true shelf life, as defined above. Anything else is false advertising. 3 months compared to 12 months is very, very different.

Please do not make assumptions about how customers want to use their Huel. For some, 1 bag may last 6, 9, 12 months. And as a company, you should never use the argument that “it’s still fine after the best before date”. That’s for the customer to decide.


Its sad and its difficult for the stock management/production of Huel but its true… Specially knowing that the core of hueligans buy in bulk.

Hey @huelinator, great to chat with you again.

I hear you, however the point is that we have 21 different powder products on our site, each of which is purchased at rates that are different between SKUs and also different at different times of year that is difficult to predict. So we can’t give the true shelf life on site.

That’s why we’ve now updated the site (after this conversation) to make it clearer that the 12 months is from production date.

We’re not trying to be dishonest here, there’s just a lot of SKUs and a lot of best before dates.

While I understand everyone consumes Huel at their own pace, what I’ve said is that we’ve got to choose a cut off, that cut off for us is 3 months (at absolute worse). In almost all cases you will get Huel with a shelf life of close to 12 months. It’s those less popular variants that will have less shelf life.

I agree. All I was doing was explaining the difference between a use-by and a best before.

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Everything comes at a cost - if you think you save money by ordering in bulk maybe you cannot consume everything that you ordered due to a limited shelf life…

We’re also doing extensive testing on the shelf life of our Huel Powder in the background with the hopes of being able to confidently extend the best before date.

I think someone who orders more bags is because of the discount available for larger orders.

yes this is a significant benefit plus, for people like myself who have to pay for shipping and import duty, they are also cut significantly by doing this. this is why switched from monthly subscription to less frequent bulk purchases.

That would be great. How much are you trying to get?

If it all goes well it won’t be a huge amount, we’re not looking to double it or anything like that, but a few months, but going in the right direction for sure.