Huel bar selection box

When did this get launched?

Slipped me by.

Currently out of stock. Try all the flavours

I assume you only have to buy one box rather than two like the other single flavours.

We launched this back in January! The minimum purchase is still two boxes, but you can mix and match this with the other bar boxes if you wish. :blush:

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Can’t believe I missed it. Obviously not bought bars for a while

The best thing is that they seem to have improved on the box design, so it’s much sturdier now, hard cardboard not the rubbish paper!

You’re not called finger on the pulse John for nothing.


Eagle eyes. :eyes: You’re right! We’re a lot happier with the current boxes and looking to roll it out to all flavours and markets once the previous boxes are depleted.

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They’re great! They held up well in my international shipment, and I’ve ripped the top off of them and have shoved them in the drawers and they work great at holding things together :slight_smile:

So great to hear, will absolutely pass on this feedback!

I just discovered this!
I’ve already tried them all and have my firm favourites, but I like variety.
The selection box is perfect. Perfect!
I’m super happy to see all these positive changes happening

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