Selection boxes!


Ps @Tim_Huel or anyone else that may know who is responsible for tweets - please use a screen reader to read this back. Can you not interject :clap:t3: between every word? Thanks.


That’s a lot of clapping and its not even Thursday.


This would go great in a Huel new starter box :wink:

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This is great! I just got the email. Well done team Huel!

Great! That’s a brilliant idea. It will be great (and easy) to have something similar with RTDs.

Might be time to break my Huel bar cherry and get a box… IS there any cherry??

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No Cherry.

Not even on top of the icing?

What ARE these product developers thinking??

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Hey Colin, thanks for that. I write the copy for our social media accounts so I will take that feedback on board.

Glad you are all excited!


My wife and I are relatively new to Huel as a whole. Would it be possible to do “taster selection packs” of Huel, Huel Black and especially the new Hot Huel range? It would give people greater confidence in purchasing a product that is new to them if they know they like it already. Nothing worse than buying a bag of something and realising it’s going to go to waste…
With the introduction of your new Hot Huel range, I would probably use that as a starter point to get more people on board.
keep up the great work and products

Never gonna happen mate and really good reasons as to why not.

I’ve posted about this Henrique times but here we go again…

First time I tried huel I just thought ick and out it away. Was only because I’d made an investment (and with encouragement of a friend) that I tried again.

In fullness it took me about three months and several goes before I was able to accept Huel properly.

Fast forward a bit and I’m now a huge advocate and, bluntly, a bit of an evangelist for Huel. My blood pressure is good, heart beats slower, so many health benefits.

Huel really is life. I often go (like at the moment) 100% Huel.

Would I have ever done that if I’d have tried a sample pack and randomly disliked it?

Probably not.

Just to echo @Talort Huel used to sell 100g sample packs years ago but stopped doing them because one serving of Huel powder probably won’t be enough for somebody to know if they like it or not.

There are too many combinations of water (ambient or chilled), with or without ice, how much powder per serving, powder to water ratio, additional flavours like (my favourite) cacao powder, freshly made or left in the fridge to soak etc.

I didn’t like my first Huel but over time I refined all of the above to my liking and now I am also a huge advocate.

I do though think Huel need to sell some kind of new starter box. With a bag of powder, the selection box of bars, 1 each of the RTD’s, 1 of the H&S, shaker, T-shirt etc, or something along those lines.


That’s such a good idea.

Huel starter pack. I love it. Shaker, pot, t-shirt. Bag of BE chocolate, bag of Thai Green Curry, bag of mocha flavour boost, box of ten bars.

@Julian and @JamesCollier make this happen! :+1:t3:

I gave some feedback in the recent workshop about this. My issue was slightly different in that I got on fine with my first order of two bags of White Vanilla. The issue came when I decided to try a different flavour and ordered Coffee as part of my second order. I hated it and so I was then stuck with an open bag I couldn’t return but didn’t want to throw away. Should have known better as I only drink black coffee but I thought the flavour would be stronger. Only got through the bag by adding a spoon of raw cacao powder each time.

My standard portion of Huel powder is 75g so that’s around 22/23 portions in a bag. Took me ages to get through that bag of Coffee flavour and I delayed my next order because of it. I made the same mistake again in a later order with Mint Chocolate. Ended up with the same solution, adding raw cacao powder to mask the taste.

I agree sample packs of 100-300g aren’t the answer. I suggested maybe 1kg bags as a way to try new flavours for the White or Black powder or for new customers. Large enough to experiment with but not so big you end up wasting loads if you really can’t stand it. Bars and RTD aren’t an issue as you can add singles to try or buy them in a supermarket.

I didn’t realise my thought was so controversial. I was mainly looking at it from a newbies point of view when they are maybe lacking in confidence about the product. Also to give people an idea at least whether they are likely to enjoy the flavour, without forcing an entire bag down their neck with half a ton of stuff to mask the flavour of something they don’t like…

IMHO the point still stands when a new range like the hot huel products come out to help increase the user population.

I realise people massively personalise each and every Huel and even I have it different from my wife…

I do like Liath’s idea as a possible half way house… There are many “diehard” Huel users on here whose advice and input on different threads I have been extremely gratefull for and will continue to be so. But we each go through different journeys and I was looking at it from a newcomers perspective or from a person who was still unsure/hesitant. Rather than one of the “old” and bold.

Its a bit like a Sgt Major in the Army giving you their opinion of the Army as opposed to the opinion of someone still in training or at their first unit.

Echo what @Talort and @Coup have said here, single use or even smaller multi-use pouches aren’t the answer. On your point above, Hot & Savoury is currently in a 7-serving pouch - I would say this is a taster pack and you can add one on to your order or subscription to trial it.

The trial box is an interesting one, but a difficult one too because there would always be products in there people wouldn’t want, flavours they didn’t like, and ultimately would just present another problem that people will want to mix and match everything in this start box. Not saying that is a reason not to do it, but just saying it might present a new problem. It also wouldn’t solve a problem for people who find the starting cost prohibitive.

Lots to think about, we’re not saying it will never happen, it’s good to get an idea of what exactly people want in this area.

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I see you can order RTD selection boxes in the UK, but not in Europe/Spain :frowning:

Do you know if this will be possible anytime soon? @Tim_Huel

The UK also has this “Bestseller bundle”:

  • 1x bag of Black Edition Salted Caramel (17 meals)
  • 1x bag of Hot & Savoury Mexican Chilli (7 meals)
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Chocolate
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Banana
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Vanilla
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Berry
  • 1x Bar Chocolate
  • 1x Bar Salted Caramel
  • 1x Bar Peanut Butter
  • 1x Bar Raspberry & White Chocolate
    (plus the usual New customer? You’ll receive a FREE T-Shirt, Shaker and Pot with your first order of the Bestseller Bundle.)

With some tweaking, this would make a neat “Intro Try-it-all Pack”:

  • 1x bag of Vanilla, choose between Powder v3.0 or Black (17 meals)
  • 1x Flavour Booster 10 Taster Pack
  • 1x bag of Hot & Savoury, choose flavour (7 meals)
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Chocolate
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Banana
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Vanilla
  • 1x bottle of Ready-to-drink Berry
  • 1x Bar Chocolate
  • 1x Bar Salted Caramel
  • 1x Bar Peanut Butter
  • 1x Bar Raspberry & White Chocolate
    plus the usual New customer? You’ll receive a FREE T-Shirt, Shaker and Pot with your first order of the Intro Try-it-all Pack.

Then add the whole range to the “Exclusive basket offers”, e.g. for those who also want to try the Coffee Caramel and/or Chocolate Orange bars.

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… actually: make a minimal Powder Trial Pack

  • 1x bag of Huel Powder v3.0 Vanilla (17 meals)
  • 1x bag of Huel Black Vanilla (17 meals)
  • 2x Flavour Booster 10 Taster Pack
    plus the usual New customer? You’ll receive a FREE T-Shirt, Shaker and Scoop with your first order of the Powder Trial Pack.

and then the usual option of adding multiple Hot & Savouries, Bars, Ready-to-drinks, et cetera, as Exclusive basket offers.

It’s not about “it’s too small a sample size”, but “two bags of one powder, plus Exclusive basket offer of one bag of the other powder variant IS too much”.