Huel bar, terrible taste from latest batch

I’ve ordered Huel Bar 3 times (always maxing out the amount I’m allowed to order): Dec 21st, Feb 1st, Mar 24th.

The first time I ordered it, it didn’t taste that great, but after a while I got used to the taste and started enjoying it. So in February I ordered more. Taste didn’t change.

Then last week I ordered again, since I’m in the last box of my previous batch from February. I tried peanut butter, which I hadn’t had in a while, and it tasted horrible. I thought maybe it was a single bad box, so I tried it from another box, same thing. Maybe it was always this bad but I had forgot, so I tried salted caramel. Same horrible taste. I had some salted caramel left from the February batch, so I tried it and it tastes good. Something changed from February 1st to March 24th.

I can’t describe the taste, but it’s like… too artificial, too “plasticky”. I don’t know… It’s just not good. I couldn’t find any thread talking about a recipe update. So I’m wondering if anyone else noticed a change in flavour or if I’m the only unlucky one.

Edit: here is a photo with what I think could be the batch (P 20 317):

Hey there, sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying your latest order of Bars. Please do get in touch with us on and we can help you out with your order.

There haven’t been any changes to taste of our Bars, particularly not PB or SC. We changed some components within our flavours of Chocolate and Chocolate Orange Bars, to mean that they were Halal. This was in Jan, and this didn’t impact flavour.

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Could you explain more about this please @Tim_Huel

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What would you like to know?

Was wondering why you had to change something to make it Halal. I, obviously erroneously, thought vegan food was automatically Halal.

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Ah I see! Ethanol is often used as a carrier of flavours, but actually isn’t Halal, and this was in our Chocolate and Choc Orange. We’ve swapped it for something that is classed as Halal!


Thanks Tim :+1:

how much were you using? ethanol is permissible for use in food flavourings and colourings if it represents less than 0.5% of the total final product.

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Sorry this is an old thread but I’ve noticed some of the bar wrappers have a really nasty chemical smell. Maybe that’s what you were noticing?

Maybe it was, but no way of knowing. I haven’t ordered again since then, have you noticed a bad taste from any bars wrapped with those smelly wrappers?

No, the bars have tasted fine. The smell seemed to be coming from the outside of the wrapper but very noticable if you’re holding the bar in the wrapper while eating.