Peanut butter bars are now disgusting!

My wife and I have been big fans of the peanut butter Huel bars, but the last batch tasted disgusting. We literally cannot eat them they taste so bad. We’ve cancelled our subscription because of this. Have Huel changed the recipe or something? :nauseated_face:

Maybe I don’t get them often enough to notice a difference but my current box seems to be the same as ever and all taste good!

Hey there, welcome to the forum! There has been a change to the peanuts we’re using, this happened in June. But we have conducted in-house sensory checks and these were passed. We are monitoring complaints but they are low and inline with other flavours which have had no change. It would be best if you could please log this with the customer experience team and share the batch numbers of your bars so we can continue to monitor any concerns.