Huel Bars - Exessive Consumption?

Possibly one for Julian@ Huel.

The notes on the packet warn that excessive consumption may cause laxative effect. I understand that the Huel bar is not intended to be a direct substitute to the powder.

What is considered excessive consumption?
What is the largest % of diet that you advise being made up of bars?
Which nutrient causes the laxative effect?
What other nutritional imbalances would a 100% Bar diet cause?


Polydextrose is a VERY good laxative. And it is the second ingredient…
Take 3 or 4 bars per day, and you’ll see…

Diarrhoea from the wallet would be another effect from excessive consumption.

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I have no issue on price. It’s cheaper than a sandwich and healthier.


The label says “Consume 1 to 4 bars per day”. Though I found if I had 2 it gave me a lot of farts. I can only assume it must the polydextrose.

Does the same thing happen with the drink?

I ate two bars per day for a week except one day when I ate four. I would not recommend it. Worst farts I’ve ever produced, and that’s saying a lot. It can also be because of the high fibre content (more than 3 times the one in powdered Huel per calorie!). Now I’m back at 1 per day and everything’s alright.

I’d eat two or three per day if there were no unpleasing gastrointestinal consequences. They’re delicious.

No, I tend to get on very well with the drink. I can drink loads of it with no problems most of the time.

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Excessive consumption will vary from person to person. Some people are ok on 4 bars per day, but these should be spread throughout the day, not consumed in one sitting.

There’s no nutrient that causes the laxative effects, but the main ingredient that would be linked to any laxative effect will be the polydextrose; which is a soluble fibre in liquid form. The type of polydextrose we use in the Huel Bars is ‘Type 2’ and this is designed to break down slowly over a number of hours, minimising any laxative effect.

The Bars should not be linked to any ‘nutritional imbalances’.


Thanks James

Hahahaha very funny B :joy:

Is there anyone who has tried consistently consuming more than the recommended 1-4 bars a day?