Huel Bars v2.0 now available


Thanks James!

Is the sugar the only way to make the bar less dry?


There is the option of more soluble fibres, but this was unfavourable as per my points on v1


Thanks again, I will try


My little review of the bars

As always, thank you Huel for all the work and effort that you put in your products, but the bar seems unfinished.

Its dry, still very dry, I tought that with the added sugar it would be creamier or more soft, but no, its very dry, so much that if I think in one bar I dont have the temptation to open one and eat it. When I think in the Jimmy Joy bars I think they have the best texture possible, they are fu… condensed, but after you finish them you fill fulfilled and satisfied knowing that you have eaten. Also the texture is much creamier, in the huel bars, its so dry that some parts arent glued together and while walking you can spill some parts away (my idea is to eat them from my work to the gym).

The flavour is good, but I dont know how it doesnt taste more sugary if it contains a 17,3% of sugar, I cant understand.

Also, 65 grams I think is very little for this bar, I would love to see it increased, like the Twenny bars, that are 102 grams, a much more decent quantity for its purposes.

If I have to choose, I would have said that my bars were the previous version, the 1.0 instead of the 2.0.

I feel that this bar is like a mix between the typical bars for lunch and the philosophy of powdered food. Why not going with the second one, and increasing the size like the twenny bars? Now I am realising that I should have two huel bars to have one meal.

Its weird. If I can help you with anything ask me. @JamesCollier @TimOfficialHuel


I agree its a bit on the dry side and also quite sugary compared to twennys at 5g ish per 100g. Also its a bit small but the biggest issue for me is definately the price. Subscribing for 80 gives a good price per unit but thats a lot more than I need and the 5-32 pack is much too expensive for me.


But the thing is that I cant notice that it is so sweet. It has a lot but its very subtle.

And yes… The price for each bar is very high comparing to twenny bar from jimmy joy, that has only a 7% of sugar.

It clearly needs to evolve



Sugar/Price -> Down
Size preferably a bit up.

I sincerely hope Huel manages this. Until then I am without bars :frowning:


Sorry you aren’t liking the new Bars. I really wish you had tried the old Bars so you could see the massive improvement in these. We’re not done, we’re still working on it.

Twenny Bars aren’t vegan, so can use ingredients like Full Cream Milk Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk - hence the creaminess. Huel produces plant-based products and the ingredients can be slightly drying, but the trade off is using animal products which doesn’t fit with our mission.

If your Bars say v2.0 on then they are v2.0. We haven’t sold v1.1 since January.

The purpose of the Bars is a healthy snack whilst on-the-go, not a full meal. If anything the Bars are too big for a snack for many people. If you want to have a full meal of Huel Bars then two will provide 500kcal and is in line with our 500 kcal Powder meal suggestion.


Sugar - it’s still fairly low in sugars. we don’t recommend you consume 8 per day.

Size - there is a push to reduce the size of snacks, so to increase would be a bad move. 250kcal is ideal for a snack.


Hello Tim, I wasnt doubting about that it wasnt the 2.0, I meant that I dont feel such a big difference with the 1.0 I have eaten. It feels more like a 1.5 version.

If you are not going to create a bar to replace a full meal, could you consider developing one? I think a lot of people are interested in that. (Right now I am eating one huel bar)

With the texture I know its a difficult thing without using milk, the softener of the softeners. We will support you in the developments.

@JamesCollier replying to you upper answer. I think a bigger version would be awesome, my plan is to have one bar on Mondays, wednesdays and fridays after work and while going to the gym. I would love to eat a bar and know that I have replaced one meal. I like to eat a little before workout and after. Also I like to have bars in my desk or in different parts of my house to have a quick meal in case I am in a hurry (good ad by the way).

Consider having a bigger bar, would be awesome


A bigger bar would have to be sold as a meal, not a snack. I’m not sure how this would work as most people associate a bar as a snack. Remember, people on this forum are not typical of the majority of potential customers: you guys are more clued up!


Personally I wouldn’t want a snack bar more than 250 cal for sure. I’m not sure about the size of the bar as have not ordered any as yet, but for me I am less concerned about the size and more the cal’s and nutrition.

With Huel being 500 cal, it makes sense to me for this to be 250 cal, as that seems about right for if I am feeling hungry, or need to grab something on the run due to maybe going to eat late on an evening etc…

I am looking forward to trying these and likely to order a box of 16 to see how they go, again I don’t plan on eating daily it could be every 2 days or event 3 - again its more of how you would see a snack, I do know everyone is different and has different needs though.

Seeing more flavours would be good, but undertand thats not always easy when trying to keep them vegan, and I fully appreciate your goals and agree with them.


I understand. Would be great though to have 2 sizes, the normal one and a 110 version. With this they will see which version is more popular. Is very “easy” to manage the stock of a bigger size, the product is the same and you only have to adjust the machines and bigger packaging


If you want 500 calories from a bar, why not just eat 2 of them?


I dont like the concept, to use 2 bars for one meal, its all psychological. I would be more fullfilled mental and physically if I only open one single bar.

With an xl version it would be solved


2 bars is 22 gram sugar which is a lot
Also, they are expensive.


@airiartev you are missing the point. The Huel bar is not a meal replacement, it is a snack. The nutrition of the product does not lend itself to be scaled up in larger sizes.


Everything is tastier and better with animal products :pensive: Can’t there be vegan and non vegan options? :cry:


Absolutely not.
Please stay vegan. Animal products are not healthy nor environmental friendly and as such hardly “food for the future”

Also - JJ are reworking their twennys to be vegan, final sample is done and in about 4 months they are going to introduce it and possibly replace non-vegan ones with it.


Mmm I will try. Im sure the Huel team will also try as soon as possible hahah.