Huel being available in Australia: Very Important

Hi all,

I brought Huel back with me from Europe late last year to Sydney. I am now moving back to Europe and have two unopened bags of 1.72kg gluten-free, unflavoured & unsweetened Huel powder (best before June 2020) for sale if you are interested. I have been flavouring it myself with natural stevia & cocoa powder and have found it great, but I just don’t want to have to carry it with me during the move back.

Please let me know if you’re interested!


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Hey mate, I’d be interested! You still got the 2 bags?

Hi Markus,

Yep I still have the two bags. Do you want to send me your number and I’ll text you?


Hi Guys,

I was in the same boat when I moved back to Australia - couldnt find anything similar!

I then stumbled upon a brand called ‘vybey’ ( They offer a Huel RTD replica which might be useful for some on the thread. Similar macros, but taste is better imo but think this is due to milk concentrate being used as protein source & fruit concentrate for flavour. Although still low in sugar given milk & concentrate additions. It’s certainly keeping me going!

Awaiting a Huel powder appearance Down Under.

I wouldn’t call it a Huel RTD replica, since they are quite different. Yes, they offer a meal replacement in an RTD format, but that’s almost the end of what they share.

For starters, Vybey is milk based, as opposed to Huel. Other ingredients also vary a fair bit, as well as the flavour options.

Good alternative, just not a replica.

@Latestfuels @jacksonstrang

The vybey guys have also released a complete meal powder. Their dairy version is obviously very different from Huel, but their plant based one from a nutritional profile perspective looks on par.
I’ve not tasted the new Huel powder but vybey have done a great job masking the pea & brown rice protein. vybey Complete Meal Powder | Plant Based | Chocolate Caramel Flavour – vybey | Premium Meal Replacement Shake


Thanks for the recommendation @JasonSande @Latestfuels

vybey rocks!


Can definitely back vybey, just ordered my 2nd 1.5kg bag of the plant based. Really tasty and filling! Wish I could have tasted Huel but they seem really similar.

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Thanks for the recommendation @JasonSande

I managed to get some vybey as it seems the most similar to Huel in Australia.

Love it!

hi i was just wondering if you guys are still thinking about sending huel to Australia it would be a massive success if sent here

Did they (the Australian government) relax their food import restrictions?

I’m afraid this still isn’t a possibility at the moment, we hope one day we can :pray:

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