Huel Bits/Flaxseed

Hello Huelers,

I have been consuming huel since January (8mo) and I am very happy as it gives me all the energy I need for the day in a very convenient manner.

One thing I believe can be improved, particularly on the unflavoured version (1.2), is how most of the flaxseed seems to deposit on the bottom of the drink (see image), making the overall drink, less pleasant. Most of the time I end up wasting the flaxseed. Does anybody have this issue? I will order v2.0 this week but I don’t believe the main ingredients have been changed.

I made comments about this minor issue on Facebook and the Huel team got back to me saying the ingredients could be potentially changed provided enough people had such concerns.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Happy Hueling :smile:

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I just give it a really good shake. Mine settles the same in the fridge overnight but a good shake remixes the whole lot again pre drinking. I have a mixer ball inside my shaker which also helps.

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A little shake before every sips, and it’s ok.

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Found the same with unflavoured, but flavoured wasn’t affected. One of several mysterious differences between the two that I don’t quite understand