Huel Black Cinnamon Swirl issue? Different mix

I’ve been purchasing Huel for a while and noticed that since v3.0 and Black any residue left in the mixer smelt fine if not immediately washed (just like the Huel). Huel v2.3 used to ABSOLUTELY reek after sitting just a few hours (like a fermented/rancid smell) and it was difficult to clean.

I’ve just finished a bag of the Black Cinnamon Swirl and it has the exact same problem as v.2.3.

I’ve even did a side by side experiment with Huel Black Banana. Banana = no smell, CS = terrible smell (have had to wash the mixer twice). Is the mix different, surely cannot be the cinnamon - is there a different sweetener causing some fermentation, or perhaps the vanilla flavoring?

Unfortunately its completely put me off ordering CS even though it was a really nice flavour.

Rich that is super weird and not something I’ve heard. There are small changes we’ve made to ingredients suppliers etc. It could be down to batch variance in some of the bulk materials, but it’s highly unlikely according to the technical team. Might be worth contacting CX who can help you out with a new bag. Sorry to hear this and sure they will sort you out!