Huel Black Edition

@Phil_C but they already have a sports targeted product:


@Phil_C is a dab hand at producing images for ideas. There are some gingerbread fb wallpapers floating around the forum too.


@Phil_C if you made those images yourself I refuse to believe anything on the internet is real anymore


I am looking forward to the formulation of the black edition. I can use this in conjunction with the 'white editions. From the early descriptors of Huel black, it appears as though it is aimed at people who engage in higher levels of muscular activity.


Could anyone explain us this?

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something about the way you say “exercise” makes me suspicious


Huel professional is just regular Huel that’s been tested/certified as not containing any substances that would be considered “doping” for professional athletes.


Yes you are correct. Higher levels of muscular activity includes physical activity, exercise and sport. I use specifically the term muscular activity because muscular activity may be incidental to a lifestyle or job role. In other words not perforemed purley for leisure or atheltic purpose. For example I would expect a hospital porter or engage in higher levels of incidental muscular activity than a desk based secretary.

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Would you say that a more “active” job is enough physical activity in some cases to justify using Huel black?

So I made up some V2.3 Huel and V3 to do a comparison. Both were made up in a blender (I find that the results are smoother and more like a shake when done in the blender).

First - I was not such a big fan of the V3 vanilla over the V2 formula (too sweet and a very fine powder that seemed to get everywhere). This vanilla formula seems to have a consistency more like V2 (in powder form).

Unfortunately my stock of Huel is a mix of V2.3 natural and V2.3 vanilla (again because I found the V2.3 to sweet).

I mixed the V3 using the same ratio or water as the V2.3 (to give a like for like thickness observation). Both mixtures and water were weighed out. The V3 looks to be a little more runny than the V2.3.

Overall, the taste is more like the V1 vanilla and has more of a oat tone to it.

For me, I prefer the consistency of the powder for making up the product and the taste is more to my liking than the V2.3 vanilla.


Please note, I used the same ratio of water to Huel as the V2.3 recommendation. I note that the new recommendation (500ml to 100g Huel) is more Huel to Water than the old recommendation (600ml water to 114g Huel) that would result in a thicker shake.

For comparison 114g of the new Huel would require 572.5ml of water at the new recommendation.

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I could be wrong but I believe most quoted calorie requirements for adults are based on them doing sedentary work so anything with more exertion than typing this message probably burns more calories.

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I’m sure it does! But does it justify the high-protein “performance” shake, or is that more for athletes and those exercising intensively in the gym etc?

I would think jobs involving regular manual handing or using heavy equipment such as construction workers, beer barrel unlaodsrs etc; extended to people who perform for example cage dancers, pole dancers, sports coaches.

I would imagine using Huel black as a snack to compliment the usual intake of food (or huel).


it just the same. Old- 100g to 500ml. = 0,20g pr. ml. water. New 114g to 600ml. = 0.19g pr. ml.

I doubt the plan was to announce a new product in this way. It looks like a useful product for anyone trying to build muscle, and goths who hate the white packaging.


Perfect for goth gym-rats




I don’t think hard physical labor justifies it. What you need for that is mainly additional energy, not protein for building up tissue. Using protein for your daily energy expenditure is quite a waste.

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That’s a good point, however take for example a previous job role where I trained a physical intervention programme for healthcare staff. At the end of each day I would have a higher protein meal to support recovery. I would have ‘normal’ meals throughout the day. On some of these days I would also be cycling to the training venue and maybe even weigjtlifitng at dawn. I appreciate this is a niche scenario but shows in reality how Huel black can be integrated into a working day.