Huel Black Glycemic Index?

I managed to get hold of a cheap Huel Black bag off NextDoor a few weeks ago so I could try it without having to commit to two bags.

I’m wondering if the GI was ever announced? I did some searching and it seemed like it was being tested late last year, then the results got delayed in April this year, and since then nothing has come of it. Apologies if I’ve missed it.

I have a feeling it might actually be higher than Huel White, based on how it made me feel, but perhaps it just didn’t agree with me.

On the plus side, the initial taste and texture was very good.

Hey @chev. GI for Huel Black Edition was indeed meant to be tested earlier this year but due to COVID-19 the testing had to be put on hold until restrictions were lifted. As things are slowly getting back to normal we hope new testing will be under-way soon… touch wood! We will post the results on the forum when we get them.

Thank you for the response

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